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hideit mounts

As gamers there tends to be an issue with our organization. Now while it does not afflict all of us, it must be noted that a jungle of cables, controllers and gear is often accompanied with our beloved pass-time. Wire organization and item storage has long been something gamers often wanted but did not know how to accomplish. Enter HIDEit and their mounts.


HIDEit has taken a simple concept and made it accessible to everyone. That concept is when you give something a place it tends to stay there. Reviewing three mounts from the company left one thing certain, they were made to take a beating. The Uni-C Universal Controller Wall Mount boasts Cold-rolled 16-gauge Steel for its material as well as such a simple design and installation it was near fool-proof. The mount was light, solid and without any noted flaws. With the low price of $8.99 USD and the surprising durability of the mount, it was a true steal.


Second on our list was the Uni-MW adjustable Xbox 360/ Xbox One wall mount. Sporting the same 16-gauge steel as its construction material, the mount is made to be placed in any wall. It  is adjustable for either the Xbox 360 or One and comfortably keeps them up and away from the ground. While having the higher price bracket of  $59.99 USD, one should consider the mount is for an expensive console any gamer would want to keep safe. It is worth noting that while this item was sent for review, HIDEit made special note to warn that neither Xbox was made to read discs sideways as mounted, however, anything downloaded would play just fine. Points should be given to any company who is willing to warn its buyers of even possible, obvious risks before hand!

The final mount was one not expected, The Xbox power brick mount! The difference between this mount and the previous two was fairly obvious. The material was clear acrylic glass compared to the steel of the other two mounts. The colour difference broke the scheme of the setup which was unwanted, however, it did its job just the same. Still obviously made for durability, the glass was thick and showed no signs of an easy break. For only $11.99 USD the clean cut power brick mount was that extra addition to the setup which kept stress off the cables while tucked away.


While it is easy to say the job of a mount is simple and anyone could do it, not everyone can do what HIDEit is doing. Their products are reasonably priced and excellently constructed. The instructions are straight forward with the merchandise and come simply packed with little way to be confused. Aesthetically the powder coating on the steel mounts is beautiful and, while one could desire the same finish for the brick mount, it is by no means a deal breaker. Overall the mounts were cost effective, stylist and most important reliable.

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