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heavy metal machines twitchcon interview

One of the great things about partaking in gaming conventions is of course, seeing new ideas added into existing genres. Heavy Metal Machines is no exception as it takes the high-octane energy of vehicular combat games and adds in some MOBA like features.

Heavy Metal Machines

This past TwitchCon our own Chris “The Game Case” Case had a chance to sit down and chat with the folks behind Heavy Metal Machines and get a glimpse into what this upcoming title has to offer. Check out the interview in the video below…

We want to thank Mario for his time chatting with “The Game Case” about Heavy Metal Machines. The game certainly looks to bring a new sense of speed into the growing MOBA genre. With slick visuals and fast-paced action, this is going to be one that MOBA fans will want to keep their eyes on.

Heavy Metal Machines looks to release sometime in 2017 and you can visit their website located HERE for more information on how you can join in on the high-speed mayhem!

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