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hearthstone welcome bundle


Hearthstone has really ramped up incentives to get new players involved in Hearthstone from the get go. From exclusive hero portraits to card pack discounts, it’s a far cry from the 2014 days of Hearthstone, which offered virtually nothing in this sort of department. Blizzard is opting to give players the Welcome Bundle.

For $4.99, you get ten classic card packs. Since classic cards will always be in the Standard game format, it’s important to build up a collection, and essentially getting a pack for $0.50 each is the cheapest cards have ever been. However, there is a twist. In one of those packs will reside a random class legendary.

“If you’re new to Hearthstone and wondering where to begin, the Welcome Bundle will set you well on your way to building a Classic deck recipe or creating an exciting new deck of your own. You’ll unwrap one of nine Classic class Legendaries, such as the mystical Mage card Archmage Antonidas, or the relentless Warrior card Grommash Hellscream!”

For veteran players, this nets you a chance to nab a random class legendary you’ve been eying. In my case, I’ve wanted Cenarius for a while. However, you can’t choose the legendary you get – so I’ve got a 1/9 chance. In any case, the deal is too good to pass up in many different instances. No word on when it’ll be put into the game, but expect it tomorrow – there’s a few hours of maintenance tomorrow morning.

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