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hearthstone standard yogg load hunter deck

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Yogg-Saron is one of the strangest cards in the entirety of Hearthstone. His effect – for every spell you’ve casted during the whole match, Yogg-Saron will dish out a spell, but its target is completely random. You’ll have the same chance of taking a Fireball to the face as you do dealing Frost Nova to your opponent’s crowded board.

This deck is literally 28 spells and two minions – the aforementioned Old God, and King’s Elekk, which will pull Yogg Saron into your hand. Fortunately, a lot of Hunter spells both summon minions and have pretty decent removal. Every time some smug Shaman got board control, I was able to deal with it via Explosive Trap or a bevy of other removal spells (even plays like Unleash the Hounds).

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The crux of Yogg and Load, as the name implies, doesn’t just rely on the Old God. Lock and Load is a two mana spell that puts a random Hunter card in your hand every time you play a spell. This leads to more spells for Yogg Saron to spit up, but can also cover a weakness you may have, such as board presence or a big legendary. Stranger things have happened.

The unpredictability of both Yogg Saron and Lock and Load make this deck a tad unreliable. As stated before, Yogg can and will hit your face as many times as he’ll hit your opponent’s face. More often than not, however, fortune will fall in your favor. You’re constantly whittling down your opponent’s health thanks in part to your hero power, so Yogg-Saron only needs a couple solid hits from his 20+ spell stash to make it work.

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