hearthstone standard yogg druid deck strategy guide

The Hearthstone meta game is starting to slow down and take shape, as we’re seeing classes like Warrior and Shaman flourish, while Priests and Paladins weep. It’s a good meta for the orcs among us, but not for the servants of the light, so it seems. As is the case with any meta, odd, fun decks will pop up, and while they probably won’t get you to Legend rank, they’re good for a few laughs and actually have a few tools up their sleeves. Let’s take a look at Druid’s take on a Yogg Saron deck.

While the titular Old God is an important facet of the deck, let’s set something straight – there is a right and a wrong way to play Yogg Saron. If you can avoid it, don’t play Yogg on an empty board. All the spells that target or affect minions will be for nothing, leading to more spells hitting either your or your opponent’s faces. Playing Yogg from ahead isn’t the best strategy, either. If you’re winning, continue to win and finish the game without the madness that Yogg Saron tends to bring to a match. If you’re behind, and looking like you’re about to lose, toss Yogg Saron on the board, he could net you a win or at least get you out of a dire scenario.

You’ll quickly see that Fandral Staghelm is an important part of this deck. The ability to trigger both effects of the “Choose One” cards is invaluable in a lot of situations. Cards that didn’t see a lot of play like Power of the Wild and Feral Rage become very effective plays for not a lot of mana. Being a Druid, you can also cheat the mana curve if you want Staghelm out on turn 2 or want lots of spells to dish out at once.

Lots of spells leads me to a change in the popular Yogg Druid, opting to replace a couple Choose One cards for Emperor Thaurissan and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Thaurissan lowers the cost of your cards, while the Auctioneer will draw you a card for every spell played.

The deck does pretty well against the Tempo and Control-heavy meta we’re seeing, and with the right cards, can do well against more aggressive decks.

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