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hearthstone standard miracle rogue deck strategy guide


One of the most established decks in the history of Hearthstone is the Miracle Rogue. Through all the nerfs, expansions, upgraded toolkits, and the Standard and Wild split, the fact that Miracle Rogue is still able to persist in this crowded meta is something that makes the deck stand out, and worth looking into.

The crux of Miracle Rogue is waiting until the last possible minute to strike. This balance can be a scary scale to keep up with, as waiting until you’re down below 10 health can lead to some awful comebacks by Mages and Hunters. Cheap spells and removal are built to keep you alive until you’ve got the infamous Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the board.

For every spell you play, you draw a card. Rogue’s propensity for cheap spells means you’ll be drawing lots of cards, and with certain spells like Conceal, you can keep him alive for multiple turns. These cheap spells can also dish out damage, and buff a minion’s attack. This makes the decision to put in Leeroy Jenkins a no-brainer. This 6-attack charge minion can dish out upwards of 14 damage for not a lot of mana.


Edwin VanCleef can be one of the most viable finishing minions in the entire deck. He gains +2/+2 for every card played previously, so you can buff him up to double digits if you plan it well. Couple it with a good Conceal so he can’t be targeted and destroyed. The ideal finishing turn would be VanCleef and the aforementioned Leeroy combo. That can be most of an opponent’s health then and there.

This deck suffers against most aggro decks, mainly because it just takes a while for this deck’s wheels to start spinning. You’re already banking on a 6-cost minion to begin with – everything else you’re doing is just in response. You can do things like Sap a big target like Shaman’s Flamewreathed Faceless, but that will only get you so far. Rejoice in the fact that a lot of tempo and control-based decks will fall under the might of Leeroy and VanCleef. A lot of decks can sub out Legendary minions for something a little more cost-effective – that’s not the case here. You need these two in particular, they’re the cards that seal the deal.

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