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hearthstone standard cthun druid deck strategy guide


C’Thun was the poster child for Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion. Literally anyone who opens the game gets to put him to good use, and with his many minions who serve him, there’s a lot of room for experimental C’Thun decks. Some use as many C’Thun related cards as possible, while some only need him to reach 10 attack to do what he needs to do. This C’Thun Druid of mine is somewhere in the middle, leaving room for some fun interactions with Fandral Staghelm.

The cornerstone of this deck obviously lies within the Old God, C’Thun. With his unique battlecry of dealing as much damage as he has attack, he’s a win condition more times than he’s not, or he can clear the board in certain situations. This deck features C’Thun staples like Beckoner of Evil, Disciple of C’Thun, and Dark Arakkoa, which all buff C’Thun’s attack. Klaxxi Amber-Weaver also becomes a 4/5 for four mana into a 4/10 for four mana if your C’Thun has 10 attack, which is a huge play on turn four. C’Thun minions are well-priced and have good stats for their cost, so playing them on curve will serve you well.


Fandral Staghelm turns your “Choose One” effects into both of them. Wrath becomes “deal four damage and draw a card”. Raven Idol becomes “Discover a spell and a minion”. Druid of the Claw becomes a 4/6 with Taunt and Charge. It’s self-explanatory. Just getting one turn of value out of Staghelm can be enough to push the game in your favor. In a Brann Bronzebeard-esque way, your opponent’s going to target the hell out of Staghelm, so be sure to put him behind a beefy Taunt minion, or be sure to get the aformentioned same-turn value. Crazy things can happen under his watch.

There are Druid staples in this deck, as well. Innervate and Wild Growth still cheat out the traditional mana curve, and spells like Swipe and Living Roots are too good to pass up. Brann Bronzebeard also gets tossed in for his synergies with C’Thun cards. It can make Twin Emperor Vel’kor triplicate himself, giving you three 4/6 minions with Taunt for 10 mana. Outside of Fandral and the Twin Emperor, it’s a pretty affordable deck for people not wanting to invest tons and tons of packs into Hearthstone. Choose One cards are usually pretty alright even without Fandral, he just makes them that much better.

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