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hearthstone adds new hero portrait


The excitement of  Whispers of the Old Gods and the Year of the Kraken is starting to simmer down. Deck archetypes are starting to settle, and we’re already wondering what our next adventure will entail. Before we get to that, however, Blizzard’s given us an update out of the blue. The patch includes fixes to golden cards, a friend referral system, and a new hero portrait for the Shaman class.

Morgl the Oracle. Humorously described by Thrall as the most powerful shaman alive, he appears to have ties to the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Legion – though he is an original Hearthstone creation, much like Reno Jackson and Sir Finley Mrrglton. Morgl speaks as any murloc would – high-pitched gibberish, but he’s amusing, to say the least. In order to obtain Morgl, one must refer a friend to Hearthstone. When they sign up and reach a combined level of 20, you will have the murloc shaman waiting for you.

More customization and hero portraits aren’t a bad thing, and the low barrier of entry to obtain said hero is welcome. Here’s hoping Warlock and Priest get some love, and soon.

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