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Hats Off to the Stack Up Stream Team

Hey All,

Truly, the title means so much and more. These fantastic individuals welcome all of us into their worlds by choosing a topic and going live on Twitch, all of which support Stack Up in fundraising. For those reading this that might not know: “Stack Up is a military charity that supports both active and Veteran service members from both the US and allied nations. Their mission is to promote positive mental health, which combats Veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture.” The Stack Up Stream Team houses an amazing group of streamers who volunteer time to fundraise and spread the word about Stack Up through the games they play. These events are crucial in helping military personnel globally, whether active or retired, get the relief they need in outlets such as these.

Mental health and awareness has been on the rise in terms of communicating these issues across the board. Having this platform to continue these conversations, normalizing emotions, and finding a way to further the quality of life, is invaluable. The Stack Up team does its very best to ensure their message is clear: they are here, and they are willing.

In an effort to pitch in, the creative team behind Stack Up’s scene has allowed me to reach out and give back. My gamer name is Meok (Mee-oh-kay). I’ve been in the entertainment world professionally for eighteen years, starting primarily in graphic design. In the last five, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of streaming through my husband’s hobby-turned-partnership with PubG. There have been ups and downs along the way, and during this time, it reinforced the fact that there wasn’t one set way to do this.

Going live meant that there was a dedication to the craft, more so than any non-streamer like myself would have ever gathered on their own. It only felt right to reach out to those who take this step, that share their worlds with us, their message, their energy, all of themselves. I felt it was a necessity to take a seat and get to know some of the Stack Up - Stream Team streamers who dedicate their time to their streams, running fundraisers, and getting the message out there.

In the coming weeks, I will be sitting in on streams, interviewing their hosts, and getting their message out to you past the reaches of which Twitch can provide. Out here in the open is where we’ll get their message out, as each and every one of them are important and should be heard.

Until then, have a wonderful day,


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