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guns of icarus alliance steampunk your friends


Guns of Icarus has been one of those titles that I have a tumultuous relationship with. The setting immediately speaks to me, with its strong steampunk roots and visuals. I love the character designs that place as much emphasis on the perfect mustache as on anything else. The stars of the game, the amazingly designed airships, looks gorgeous and fill the imagination with untold adventures at a mere glance.

Even the gameplay fills me with a sense of excitement. Breaking down your crew into various roles and working together towards victory are the type of thrills video games were made for, yet, It has never fully come together for me. The PvP focus of the game has always limited the enjoyment. It forces you to become part of the larger community in order to find like-minded individuals that have a similar playstyle to fully enjoy the game. Not a bad thing inherently, but it leaves the casual in the cold, never fully able to find a place in the game and perhaps even being a hindrance to more experienced teammates.


Guns of Icarus: Alliance looks to change some of that by introducing PvE play. Building from its already solid group gameplay you and your friends will be able to crew ships in two and four man configurations with a total of 16 players manning up to four ships to experience all new PvE/Co-Op game modes! Some key features of the game include:

  1. Player vs. AI””1 ship to 4 ships = 1 to 16 players

  2. Entirely new game modes focused on objective, teamwork oriented goals

  3. New maps teeming with danger

  4. New ships and weapons designed with large scale combat in mind

  5. Intelligent AI that adjusts to your skill level

  6. Player skill upgrades and progression, including new tools for the engineer class

  7. Joinable factions that can influence the events of the world

  8. Permanent player driven game history that changes the story of the world

Scenarios will include such fare as defending your base, securing cargo, and assaulting enemy strongholds. Battles will be balanced based on a “dynamic tension system” that aims to keep fights “tough and exciting.”

The new expansion will also feature a community driven story that will see the players join factions and have an effect on the living world of Guns of Icarus. Already in the open alpha event, which saw 10K players fight over 52,000 battles, the lore of the game is being created by the participants of world changing wars.


While PvP certainly has its place, it is not for everyone. I am excited to see how Guns of Icarus: Alliance takes to the skies with this new PvE content. It should certainly open the game up to new players wishing to experience some amazing steampunk fiction. Visitors to PAX West during Labor Day weekend will be able to see the game in person on the show floor.

Did you have a chance to play in the open alpha? Let us know what you thought of the new PvE mechanics in the comments below!

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