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Gun Club VR – Heading to PSVR later this year

Gun Club VR

Any soldier or marine will tell you that knowing your weapons, the ins and outs of that weapons, is essential for survival on the battlefield. Your weapons is what swords were to medieval knights. The more you get to know your weapon, the better your chances of survival. UK-based The Binary Mill is taking such an approach, with their newest PSVR game, Gun Club VR. If you ever wanted to utilize firearms in a safe environment, Gun Club VR is going to give you that chance.

Gun Club VR will have players in a completely safe facility, filled with various shooting ranges. Players will be able to wield just about every firearm around, form the good, old-fashioned Ak-47 to the great American staple, the M-16. There will also be an assortment of handguns, shotguns, rifles, and much more. The team at Binary Mills is putting an emphasis on realism, from dynamic bullet ballistics to the weight and feel of the weapon you are using.

There will be full customization options available for each weapon from scopes to stocks to foregrips, and laser pointers. Knowing which combination is best will help you succeed in the hundreds of events that are planned for Gun CLub. Sniper scenarios, counter-terrorism, urban combat, and even the zombie apocalypse will be just a handful of the scenarios that players can expect to face. Finally, players will earn money for upgrades and work hard for that high score on the leaderboards.

Gun Club VR will launch for the PS VR in the WInter of 2018.

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