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glance shadow warrior 2 straight rtx

Back in my article on Devolver, I casually mentioned a game that kept taking my attention away from the others that I was being shown. (The other games looked amazing as well; this one was just so pretty and girls like pretty things, right?)

The game that kept snatching my attention was Shadow Warrior Two. As we were making our rounds on all the games Devolver had on display, Jayhem gave me the rundown on this one like he did all the rest. I will say that he earned my respect in a major kind of way when he expressed concern over talking about a shooter who was going to write about it for a charity that focused on veterans with PTSD. The fact that he asked about such a thing honestly left me speechless with gratitude for a moment at his caring.

Jayhem explained to me that Shadow Warrior Two was on open-style world game. He obviously couldn’t give much of anything away as far as the storyline goes, but he did talk about demons and childish humor. He said allot of the script tended to be a little humorous. I liked this concept as allot of combat games tend to get a bit too serious for my personal liking.


We also talked about the weapons for a bit. (Despite being female, yes, I happen to be a bit of a sucker for weapons, especially bows and sharps.) I was informed by Jayhem that Shadow Warriors had plenty of weapons to choose from and that the systems were customizable as well as the damage was as close to real life damage as they could make it. The example specifically used was that you could shoot someone through the chest with a shotgun, though I do not exactly remember the specific one mentioned as guns are not my forte, though I do like them. With the sizeable hole that this would make in an enemy’s chest, you could then use that same hole to shoot an enemy behind that one with a bow. (Yeah, I think Jayhem might have catered to me a bit there.)

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In any case, after he was done showing me around, I ignored him intently for several minutes to actually sit down and watch gameplay. The demo was not very long, but I found a few fascinating things to think about randomly on my 20-something hour ride home; mainly the graphics”¦I think it will take weeks to get those out of my head.

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Speaking of things in your head, the main character of the game has someone stuck in his head and as I saw in the demo, one of the goals in the game is to find a way to get her out. Honestly, I didn’t see the point of trying to get her out”¦I banter with the voices in my head all the time. (That’s a joke”¦maybe.)

In any case, this is a direct sequel to the first Shadow Warriors, with the same voice cast and everything and I would highly suggest checking it out when it releases on most platforms this ye

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