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Get Even – First-Person Shooter/Thriller Now Available

We have seen time and time again the importance of memory. Memory is everything, from an important teacher to a cunning weapon. Memories are the very things that people fear but people embrace. A human can hate a memory but find another to love. Those feelings bring about emotions that can drive a man into chaos, or push that man into hope.  From Namco Bandai Games and developer studio, The Farm 51 comes their latest game, Get Even, out now on PlayStation and more.

Get Even is a first-person shooter and thriller expwerience, where the goal is to discover what is real and what is not.  Through a combination of combat, shooting, and exploration, players will get to discover the truth. When Cole Black awakens, locked within a prison, he is fazed and confused, with only fleeting memories. While most of his memories are fogged, one particular memory keeps recurring.

Get Even

While fragmented, this memory involves a young teenage girl, immobilized, with a bomb strapped to her chest. To discover the truth, he must utilize a special augmented device, cerebrally implanted, to relive these memories and attempt to discover who he is and what he must do.

Get Even was slated for release last month, but was delayed to June 27th, 2017 out of respect for the victims of the Ariane Grande Concert bombing. Get Even is now available on PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One

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