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Geek Culture and the Puerto Rico Comic Con

Geek Culture and the Puerto Rico Comic Con By: Daniel Patterson


People often use geek and nerd interchangeably as if they meant the same thing. Let’s start this article out by identifying the differences between a “geek” and a “nerd” A geek is an enthusiast of a specific field or topic. Exempli Gratia if you’re interested in vehicles and how they function, you are a geek. A nerd is more intellectual and studious. E.g, someone who prefers the skill and the knowledge over trivia and memorabilia as defined by an article in that I found quite interesting. Now that we have identified the differences between them, let’s start diving into the subject matter Geek Culture and a little later on the Puerto Rico Comin Con.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a geek. Whether it’s video games, comic books, graphic novels, science, etc. Even before I started to learn about Psychology (The study of the mind) and Psycho-Physiology (The Study of how the mind interacts with the body) which falls under science. My earliest memory was sneaking into a friend’s house because his brother had a computer that could run games.

The game we snuck into play was Wolfenstein 3-D. Pretty sure not a lot of people are going to remember this classic of PC Gaming. A few years later another memory is me reading the Star Wars Extended Universe. Stories like Luke Skywalker going to the dark side of the force. Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc Pitt (Seriously, F*CK YOU DISNEY) Anyway, I digress. In this article we are going to take a look at Geek Culture through the years I have experienced it.

Let’s take a deep look at this how things have changed from the 90s to the now, the year 2018. Back then those who identified as either geek and or nerd. Some of us as both. This culture of geekiness is in constant flux and gaining more popularity. Back then the geeks and the nerds would face bullying and segregation. A lot of which I experienced first hand through the years.

Back then, anyone, you saw with a Batman hat or shirt or talking about this stuff was someone who knew of the subject matter throughout the years look at how these things have changed. With the geek culture gaining more popularity, there those who don’t live the life but maybe live it through a friend and or family member. What I mean by this is, for example, I went to a Halloween party one time with a date I met on Tinder we went to the party and were enjoying the experience as there were a lot of good costumes. Many of them cosplays. For those who might not know “What is cosplaying?” Cosplaying is a contraction of the two words, costume playing. Which often are performances.

We were somewhat appalled when we encountered a woman in Wonder Woman cosplay. She was “in character” as WW but when we started joking around with her and actually mentioning stuff from the WW lore. She knew absolutely nothing of the subject matter. Now, how would you feel if you encountered something like this, being a huge fan of Diana Prince.

You would be somewhat bothered by it, yes? Of course, you would. It’s a sign of the times. It’s become so popular it’s not just appealing to the geek in us all. It’s become a way to exploit sexuality also used as a way to exploit lonely geeks, nerds, gamers, etc. That is a dark reality but is a reality nonetheless.

You see people wearing this stuff as “brands” that’s how popular things have become, how far this culture has come. There’s the good and also the bad.

There are more people coming into the culture so less segregation, as it’s become something for everyone to enjoy. Having already touched on some of the bad. That’s not something I want to promote. The purpose of this article was to show the positive of Geek Culture and how it’s come so far along that it’s not just cool, cute, sexy and interesting. It’s become a way of therapy. There’s huge cathartic value with it.

(Yup, I found Jesus. Who knew? In Comic-Con. Take that Religion)

Which brings us to The Puerto Rico Comic Con. I had the pleasure of cruising the event thanks to the people at TercerHombre the people who manage the event. It’s a beacon of positivity as everyone is there to share the love of culture. Hang out with each other, and praise each other’s works of art.

The artists they bring always exceptional. Through Stack Up, I was able to meet the Legend Gail Simone. Along with huge inspiration to me growing up because he was a geek, and he was a nerd, Billy from Power Rangers The Original Series, David Yost. The experience was top notch on the floor. Seeing local and nonlocal artists supporting each other.

For 17 years now the Puerto Rico Comic Con has been the light in the dark. In an island full of turmoil. In an island who most recently was devasted by an extremely powerful hurricane. To everyone who comes out to the island, to everyone who had anything to do with the event, to the powers that be that created the event. And to any and all future participants in this event.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S This is looking towards the light, towards the future. May the force be with you all.

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