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Gearing Your Guardian Up In Destiny 2

Gearing Up for Destiny 2

The title says it all for this one Guardians. This one is all about the armor and weapons in Destiny 2. So, as we all know everything we have earned in Destiny 1 armor and weapons-wise will not be available in Destiny 2. Thanks to Ghaul’s Red Legion forces they have obliterated our vault and all of its treasures. Looks like we are going to have to venture out again to acquire new equipment to fight back with.

Starting Back at Ground Zero

We have yet to hear from Bungie what the new level and light cap is going to be in Destiny 2. All we have seen so far is the gameplay of Guardians who are level 20 and 260-light level. Even some gameplay is only listed at 200-light. Bungie hasn’t confirmed any of this data yet so we will have to see and wait until a later date. All we know is what we have so far numbers wise. Overall I believe the endgame content will be higher than the 260-light level shown. I am taking a guess when I say that the endgame content might be a light level of 280 to 300 area.


New Weapons Slots and Gun Classes

Finally, to the good stuff, the weapons! So far, we know that almost all weapons types previously used in Destiny 1 are returning to Destiny 2. In fact, there are at least two new weapons classes joining the sandbox. One is the Submachine gun, and the other is a grenade launcher. Now using these weapons in Destiny 2 is going to be a lot different than it was before. The old “Primary, Special, Heavy” weapons slots of Destiny 1 have been transformed into the new “Kinetic, Energy, Power” slots accordingly.

Destiny 2 Exotic and weapon stats

New exotics, and updated stats. Photo: Bungie reveal stream and gameplay footage

Load Out Options

With these new weapons slots implemented, the weapons classes have shifted around slightly. Specifically, Sniper Rifles, Fusion Rifles, and Shotguns moved to this new family of power weapons alongside the others. Now we will have to choose between those, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Swords. I have yet to see any confirmation on Machine Guns returning to the fold.  So, what does that mean exactly? Technically you have the ability now to run an Assault Rifle and a Hand Cannon at the same time as long as one does kinetic and the other does energy damage. Any non-power weapon can come in either kinetic or energy damage giving you tons of options to go with.

Destiny 2 Mods and Banner slots

New weapons mods, and Class Banner. Photo: Bungie live reveal stream

Exotic Weapons and Stats

With a new game comes new exotics to earn.  We finally got to see footage of the Dubious Volley power weapon which people thought would be released in Destiny 1. We have only seen the stats on three other exotics so far. These include the kinetic Auto Rifle named Sweet Business, arc energy Submachinegun named Riskrunner, and a solar energy Handcannon named Sunshot. Each weapon’s exotic ability is listed below in the yellow text of the weapon. Another thing to note about the weapon stats is that they have removed the Rate of Fire and replaced it with a Rounds Per Minute number above the Magazine count. All of the weapons across the game now have this, giving them an easier way to calculate potential Damage Per Second (DPS).

Weapons Modifications and Class Banners?

What some of you may have noticed is during the Bungie reveal stream there was an option at the bottom of the gun perks. There is a statement that says “No weapon mod is applied”, now I am not sure what types of modifications will be made but I have seen some screenshots of weapons that have laser sights attached to them. They could be new exotics or they, in fact, could be this new mod slot allowing us to equip small modifications to personalize our weapons the way we would like. Another new addition is the removal of artifacts and instead looks like you will have the ability to equip a Clan Banner. Now I have no idea what this will look like, but I would love to charge into battle representing my clan in some type of manner.


Swords Are Returning

I am sure some of us love using our swords in battle and have come to love them in close quarters combat. In Destiny 2 Swords are getting a boost in style points. I say this due to multiple screenshots I was able to grab from gameplay streams. In the gameplay trailer, there is a Hunter rocking a set of Iron Banner embossed gear holding what looks like a katana blade in one-handed fashion. In the image, the Titan’s are equipped with two different style blades. One being a broadsword while the other looks as if it were crafted with limited materials.

Destiny 2 Swords

Swords multiple types. Photo: Bungie live reveal stream and gameplay footage


Speaking of Armor

New guardian armor has been seen all over the Destiny reveal stream thanks to Bungie. If you look carefully at some of the trailers you can see armor with faction markings on them. Others, like the Hunter above, have a full set of potential Iron Banner armor. Just like with the guns, there will be all new exotics in Destiny 2. One obvious exotic chest piece is for the warlock, which has six golden wings adhered the back of it.  The purple colored horns on the Titan’s shoulders could be an exotic gauntlet. The Hunter’s helmet also looks to be a potential candidate as well, but we will find out soon enough.

Destiny 2 Armor

New possible armor exotics. Photo: Bungie live reveal stream


Exclusive Gear

Destiny 2 Pre Order and exclusives

Pre-Order exclusives and PS Exclusive content banner. Photo:

Last but not least there will be exclusive items for Destiny 2, just like before. If you pre-order the digital deluxe edition you will receive a legendary sword, legendary emote, and Cabal Empire themed emblem. The other kicker is that PlayStation will once again receive exclusivity. Sorry Xbox & PC players, but you will have to wait until after Fall 2018 to access this content. We won’t know what that content is until the middle of the Summer most likely.

Check back in with us next time as we take a look at where in the universe Destiny 2 will take us.

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