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Fox n Forests – Try It Out at PAX East 2018

The classics never die, and the dedicated team at Bonus Level Entertainment are bringing a great genre back from the past to a new generation of players. Hailing from the thick woods of Germany, Bonus Level Entertainment is bringing their newest game, 

Fox n Forests to audiences around the world this Spring. For those lucky to attend PAX EAST 2018, they will be at Booth 10054, the EuroVideo booth, and their game will available for anyone who wishes to play.

Fox n Forests puts players in the role of Rick, a typical wanderer of the forest who takes care of himself, but, as is his nature, is always looking to profit from the art of deception. In this forest, an ancient evil suddenly emerges, sending forth an army of monstrous tree-like creatures, as well mutants that have been horrendously spliced with animal and plant traits.

The ruler of this army wishes to create a deadly 5th season to usurp the balance of the forest. Rick couldn’t care any less about this evil, until a young Partridge, Patty, comes across his path. Begging him for help and offering rewards, Rick ponders but ultimately accepts the offer. As he begins his adventure, he is planning to profit from the partridge by hopefully stealing her gold. What begins is an epic quest of change, destiny, and the classic battle of good versus evil.

Fox n Forests is described as a platformer action game that harkens back to the golden age of the platformer genre. In the early 1990’s a plethora of platformer games was releasing onto consoles in what can be described as an endless avalanche. Games like Super Star Wars, Cynernator, Clay Mates, and Acro-bat were only a small number of the hundreds of platformer titles, each one striving to refine the mechanics.

However, games such as Super Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Mega-Man X, both from Japanese developer CAPCOM, truly polished the genre, featuring extremely challenging gameplay, but very satisfying combat accompanied by a stellar 16-bit presentation. Fox n Forests hopes to bring that level of thrill back to the genre.

Rick will be fighting a variety of monsters with his special crossbow. The crossbow can allow for both ranged attacks and close-up melee attacks. Additionally, Rick will be allowed to change the seasons instantly in any level. From Winter to Spring to Summer and Fall, players will be able to use these mechanics to navigate obstacles, gain advantages on enemies, slay epic bosses, and discover secrets.

Fox n Forests will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox On, Nintendo Switch, and Steam this coming Spring.

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