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Fortnite – Heading To Early Access On July 25th

When we were all kids, we all enjoyed building pretend forts and feeling the shelter from cardboard or seat cushions. In Fortnite, the skills that you spent honing when you were kid will now be put to the test against a massive zombie horde. Fortnite, the latest game from legendary game studio Epic Games, is a hybrid of RPG, third-person shooter, and defense game rolled into one engaging experience.

Fortnite has been made with the finest that Epic Games has to offer, combining the revolutionary shooting designs established in Epic Games and refining it with RPG mechanics and an on-the-fly construction system. In Fortnite, players must construct a massive fort, complete with several levels and defenses,  then defend their fort to the death against the mutant hordes.


Players can utilize a variety of weapons and skills, but the defense of their fort in incredibly important.  Utilizing a deep construction system, players can create incredible, multi-floored structures to maximize their defensive capabilities.

Players will join together in online co-op, using ranged and melee weapons to fight back. Using classes, each character has their own special ability as well. further mixing up the combat. Those interested will not have to wait long to get their hands on the title with Early Access beginning across all platforms on July 25th!

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