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Fire Emblem Warriors – Your New Anger Management

The Fire Emblem series has always been amongst my top-ranked favorites and this was no different for Fire Emblem Warriors, their newest title for the Nintendo 3DS. My only mistake here was that in my excitement, I tried to play after work one night and I was too tired for it to work out very well for me. This is due to the fact that Fire Emblem Warriors is not exactly like its predecessors. They were all tactics games for the most part while Warriors is a hack and slash due to its being a collaboration between the Fire Emblem series and the Dynasty Warriors franchise.  The game was developed by the same team that was in charge of Hyrule Warriors, which was a collaboration between the Zelda franchise and Dynasty Warriors and this accounts for some of the similarities between the two.

The above reasons honestly make Fire Emblem Warriors a good way to take out frustration. There’s none of the cold calculation, just brutal ferocity and more monsters to kill than you could count…Good thing the game does a kill count for you. While the violent nature may not be suited for everyone, the fierce of heart will likely enjoy all the hacking and slashing.

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