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fire emblem heroes update

Fire Emblem: Heroes is one of the most profitable apps in the mobile space. Earning $3 million in revenue on its first day in the Apple App Store, the streamlined tactical role-playing game has a steady supply of active players. While there’s new content coming down the pipe, the launch benefits of the game are set to stick around far after February.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems aren’t easing up on new content for the smash-hit in spite of these changes. The “Family Bonds” summoning event is into effect as of today, so new characters and missions have been added.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

The training tower will remain the way it is – half the stamina it would “normally” cost. This leads to having players doing more with their limited amounts of stamina. Nintendo looks to add rewards to the training tower, but we don’t know what these rewards will entail. On top of this launch bonus, the two orbs given to players for signing on every day will continue.

Once March hits, we’ll see experience boosts when fighting lower-level enemies. As the weeks and month roll on, we’ll inevitably see more of these medium-sized updates and characters. Stay tuned for more intel.

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