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fable fortune on kickstarter

Listen up Chicken Chasers, if you’re a fan of the Fable franchise and were saddened by the closing of Lionhead Studios then there is a Kickstarter project by Flaming Fowl Studios that is sure to make you smile. You will hopefully be able to return to the world of Albion soon through Fable Fortune a new game set in the Fable world but with a twist on gameplay, it is a Collectible Card Game.


The project video tells us that Fable Fortune had been in development for about 18 months and was a super secret project being worked on at Lionhead. The developers have secured permission to bring the game to life and have turned to Kickstarter to get the funding they need.

Though the game may be a CCG many familiar Fable tropes will make their return, prominently among them will be the good/evil system that will actually impact your cards and add changes based on your alignment. Furthermore many of the battle locations will be familiar locals from the world of Albion keeping the players in the Fable fantasy.

What would a Fable game be without quests and Fable Fortune has found a way to include them in their CCG gameplay. Players will be able to choose unique tasks that they will work towards during the course of a match and will reap rewards should they succeed.


There will also be co-op play allowing you and a friend to pit your decks against some of Fable’s famous villains. The developers are also looking to keep things interesting through events which will provide players with pvp or co-op challenges.

There is a level of polish that is already evident in the current stage of development. The units look amazing and the action plays out onscreen in a fun, satisfying way. Through clips of gameplay the developers have shown that the sense of humor present in the Fable franchise has found its way into Fable Fortune making the whole experience that much more appealing.

There are plenty of reward tiers to choose from on the Kickstarter page and any fan of Fable should do themselves a favor and check out what’s on offer. Though it may be a CCG game the spirit of Albion and Fable live on in Fable Fortune.

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