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Exploring Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Is Coming

Guardians! To those who have been playing Destiny since Alpha, Beta, Day 1, after or those who have yet to play Destiny; we have exciting news to bring to your attention. On May 18th Bungie released their live gameplay stream covering the main aspects and changes coming to Destiny 2 this September. Bungie’s stream came out with a massive update of changes that we can expect to see in Destiny 2. They have provided us a gigantic insight on what’s to come when they launch the game on PS4, Xbox, or now PC.

Bungie Finally Shows Us What They’ve Got!

Over the next couple of days, we will be diving into more detail on how the hour-long presentation will be changing the world of Destiny as we know it. As the Bungie Dev’s climbed up on stage one at a time covering a section of the game which will be changing dramatically when Destiny 2 launches. In the past three years of Destiny 1, there have been times where mechanics did not always work well, or the game needed to be more balanced. After watching the stream, I have come to believe that the Bungie team has done an amazing job listening to the community and making the appropriate changes going into Destiny 2. If you missed the stream you can access it here.

The Guardians

New Guardian Subclasses, Arcstrider for Hunters, Dawnblade for Warlocks, and Sentinel for the Titans.

Going into Destiny 2 we can still expect to play our three starting classes. The Hunter, Titan, and Warlock classes are returning, but with an added twist this time. Bungie has added a new subclass for each one of them to wield. We will get to enjoy the Arcstrider for the Hunter, Sentinel for the Titans, and the Dawnblade for the Warlocks. Each one is going to have new and exciting abilities at our disposal. We will need to harness these new abilities to fight back against Gaal after his assault of the Tower.

New Planets

Just like in Destiny 1, our Guardian’s will still venture across Earth; only after being pushed out of the Tower during the initial attack from the Red Legion forces under Gaal’s command. In addition to Earth, we will expand our Universe to three new areas called Titan (Jupiter’s Moon) Io, and Nessus. Each will bring new challenges for us to overcome, Vanguard to reunite, and power to obtain.

Did Someone Say New Guns?

Now the ways we get even and fight back Gaal’s forces will include the previously mentioned abilities and Super’s as well as guns, lots and lots of guns! Again, Bungie has made some changes here as well for the best. We have become accustomed to using primary, special, and heavy weapons in Destiny 1. The sequel has given us a little more freedom when it comes to wielding these new toys. Instead of those weapon slots, you will now have a Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon slots. Some of the weapons that were previously specials and primaries have more freedom to be in either kinetic or energy damage slots. So, if you want to run a Scout rifle and a Hand Cannon, thanks to Destiny 2 we will be able to do just that.

Clans will be a new focal point in Destiny 2

Clans Are Back, And They Mean Business

The last major section of the game that Bungie tweaked in Destiny 2 was their social system. Clans are back with even more of an impact than ever before. There are probably some of you out there who have yet to touch the Clan system of Destiny. Others have used outside sources to find and form groups to complete the challenges within Destiny. This is all being recognized by Bungie and changed with the coming of Destiny 2. You don’t have to worry about not having friends in Destiny 2 because where this game is going it will allow you to find new Guardians online easier than ever before. This new system called “Guided Games” will help those Guardians find groups and complete activities they couldn’t before without a clan.

Be sure to check back in with us in the near future as we break down all of the Guardian Abilities that we know of (so far). Until then September 8th can’t arrive soon enough for some of us, for others great new Guardians will be joining the ranks alongside us.

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