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evolve stage 2s first new hunter electro griffin goes live

Electro Griffin

If you asked me what I thought would make for a good addition for Evolve Stage 2‘s cast of Hunters, it probably wouldn’t be a neon-clad variation on the Australian-accented Trapper, Griffin Hallsey. But what do I know? Electro Griffin’s got a stasis-spewing plasma gun and a blue harpoon gun that blares shredding guitar solos while electrifying the Monster, and looks like he walked straight out of a neon-soaked 80’s action flick. In short, he’s a comical addition to an otherwise very serious game. Evolve Stage 2‘s dreary atmosphere has been carried over into the game since its free-to-play relaunch on Steam, so a hefty dose of silliness through a new Hunter adaptation is certainly welcome.

Electro Griffin is the first “adaptation”””remixed versions of existing Hunters and Monsters in Evolve Stage 2””to launch since Evolve went free to play a few weeks ago. If you thought the fiery theme of Wasteland Maggie or the poison-laden darts from Rogue Val were a bit of a departure from their original incarnations, then it’s definitely going to be topped out by Griffin clad in glowing blue power armor.

In case you haven’t been following recent Evolve news, the game recently went free-to-play, relaunching on Steam as Evolve Stage 2, backed up by a massive batch of changes to the vanilla Evolve experience. These changes were made to promote a faster-paced gameplay cycle, with more frequent bouts between the Hunters and Monster. Changes were also made to how the game handles DLC, in that it no longer has any. Now through simple playtime invested, any Hunter or Monster can be unlocked, including the exalted Electro Griffin.

If you previously owned Evolve, Electro Griffin is already unlocked for you to play. If you’re among the many thousands who picked up the game when its price tag dropped to a smooth zero dollars, he’s a hefty 8,000 Silver Keys (or, if you’re patient, can be unlocked through the game’s daily log-in rewards).

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