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EVE Valkyrie: Warzone – No Longer Requires VR in New Update

This time last year, the age of Virtual Reality headsets was ushered in with a bevy of new video games, from Battlezone to R.I.G.S. Among them, Iceland-based CCP Games, the makers of the legendary space MMO EVE:ONLINE, released their own spin-off of the game in the form of EVE: Valkyrie, a first-person starfighter combat game where players hop into the cockpit of an interstellar starfighter to battle enemies against the backdrop of massive interstellar war.

Last year, the game was lauded for its visual performance and ability to prove that VR was a viable gaming option, despite its high costs. The game boasted tight controls, exciting combat, a multitude of gameplay modes, and extremely detailed visuals. Since then, CCP has updated the content of the game with free batches of DLC. One year later, CCP has released a special update titled EVE Valkyrie: Warzone, which among many other features, will allow players to play the game WITHOUT the use of VR. This essentially makes EVE: Valkyrie a game anyone on PS4 or PC can play.

EVE Valkyrie: Warzone is, essentially, a relaunching of the original game, featuring an entire overhaul in user-interface to allow for the same VR experience to be replicated for those without a VR headset. This is an extremely generous offering from CCP, as VR, despite its sprawling development, is still quite an expensive undertaking for those that wish to acquire a headset. CCP Games dubs this a cross-reality style of game.

Additionally, EVE: Valkyrie Warzone comes with a bevy of enhancements and additions. Several new maps and game modes have been added to the game, including the new mysterious ship class, the Covert. All classess have been refined with their own skill tree and now each ship has their own “ULTRA” that can change the course of a match. Finally, CCP Games is teasing even more content with a very special winter update.

EVE VAlkyrie Warzone is now available for the PS4 and PC platforms.

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