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Escape from Tarkov – Survival Tips!

Survival Tips to Help You in: Escape from Tarkov by

Nightmare Actual

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a very dynamic and tense game, even in its early stages of development. One thing you can expect from other players is the run and gun tactic. the run and gun tactic might work for some games but it will not give you an advantage in this game. EFT as the community calls it for short being a combat simulator in its essence, one can apply certain military applications to help you gain the advantage against other players and even the AI itself.

Players in the game will be in a rush to loot loot loot, use this to your advantage. Play the slow and methodical game, be tactical and strategic, let’s begin:

1. The first survival rule is to know the maps, know the choke points.

(To quote one of the moderators Colonel Twerkins of the Escape from Tarkov forums; “Knowing the maps is half the battle”)

This is a google drive folder filled with the maps and their respective legends, study them, if you plan to Escape from Tarkov!

(Special thanks to Mitchell Townsend for creating this wonderful piece of information.)

This statement stands to be very true, because when you load into the raid knowing your way around, for example, if you hear a firefight in one direction, (since it usually attracts the attention of other players) you can use this to your advantage and take a different route to do some recon of the area, maybe even get a drop on a player looting a body.

2. Situational Awareness

(Defined by the U.S Coast Guard: Is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission. More simply, it’s knowing what is going on around you.)

Arguably, this could be the most important one. You ask yourself “why?” Well, I will tell you …”why?”

Being situationally aware of your surroundings can and will save your life in the game. Let’s say you are looting a body and you hear something that sounds like footsteps getting closer to you, you hear it, react and look at that, someone was trying to sneak up on you and kill you with a hatchet, you heard it reacted and capitalized on the situation. I can’t stress it enough the sound design in the game is exceptional you will hear things around you, in front of you, behind you above and below you.

3. Working the corners and learn to “Slice the pie”

(Slicing the pie is a military tactic that in real life applications, is learning how to work around corners and how to minimize your exposure, while you scan the area in front of you)

Take a look at the video above by BrotherJoe and then analyze the image below, what did he do wrong?

I can explain this to you, step by step:

First off, Escape from Tarkov is a video game where it’s mechanics gravitate towards the realistic, that being said weapons not only have recoil which is the vertical climb but also have the horizontal spread. To explain this simply when you fire the gun it kicks back and upward as well as back and to the sides. All weapons are unique having different types of recoil and spread. So when shooting an enemy you HAVE TO TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT and compensate.

In the video as soon as he saw the enemy the player should have been aiming down his iron sights and not hip fire as he was doing. By using your hip fire in this certain situation you can see in the video the recoil and spread of the AK-74N is pretty big because he was also moving, doing what Battlefield, CSGO, COD players do “Serpentine”, this will not aid you Tarkov, at all.

Tarkov is an unforgiving experience, the game does not hold your hand. The game will make you feel bad, you will feel tension, your hands will sweat, your heart will race, you will have moments of total silence suddenly interrupted with screams of pain, ricochet, and massive firefights.

You will need to improvise

You will need to adapt

If you follow these guidelines you will OVERCOME.

This is just some basic survival tactics that will aid you in your reign of terror in Escape from Tarkov and in a lot of other games, as well.

Keep your head low and your eyes on the prize!

Nightmare-ACTUAL, out.

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Dec 24, 2022

Hi. I tried to add a video to my blog, but it didn't work. Did you change the format of the video? For example, I tried doing it through a converter and it worked. Are there other ways to upload different video clip formats to your blog, not just mp4.

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