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Earthfall – Shows Intergalactic War In The Pacific Northwest

We have seen alien invasions in New York City. We have seen starships attack Los Angeles. Now, a species from another world is determined to destroy humanity in a place least expected: The forests of the pacific northwest.

This is EarthFall, from Seattle-based Holospark Studios. After several years in development and multiple tests, the game is set for release on PC and consoles on July 13th. To celebrate, Holospark has released a new trailer, showcasing the unique gameplay mechanics that will be featured in the game.

The aliens that players will be facing are mutagenic and parasitic, coming in a variety of different forms. Of course, they will be numerous and do their damnedest to destroy you. It will be up to you and a squadron of teammates, to work together and slay these horrendous beasts while protecting your community and potentially destroying the source of the alien invasion. The game will feature a variety of weapons and customizable features across 10 different levels, with various objectives and brutal difficulty.

Most notably, players will be granted access to one of the most effective new weapons seen in games: 3D printers. Players can print weapons and devices, including steel walls, turrets, and special alien technology. The wise use of the 3D printer will be essential to survive missions. Placing turrets in specific areas and balancing aggression with defense is also important.

Earlier this year at PAX EAST 2018, Stack Up got a chance to check the game out for ourselves, with the introduction mission and a team of 6 players. The shooting mechanics were tight and fast, and the ability to deploy various devices and weapons was a lot of fun.

One of our players deployed a minigun while the other deployed a temporary wall. Our objective was to find fuel and move a vehicle to escape, making the situation deadly and difficult. The enemy was tenacious and violent, tearing into the team like a sword through cardboard.

As an avid player of Killing Floor 2 form Tripwire Interactive, the game felt very familiar, but different enough, as the extraterrestrial nature of the game allowed us to use futuristic weapons as well as adapt to an unpredictable and surprising enemy.  The demo lasted approximately ten minutes, with each of our members being felled by the enemy.

However, many players, especially the Air Assaults, harkened the experience to Valve’s Left 4 Dead games, which were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively for the Xbox 360 and PC. The games garnered a highly revered following for the squad-focused FPS combat against an endless zombie horde. Earthfall looks to bring that sensation to a new generation.

Earthfall arrives on PC, PS4, and XBox One on July 13th, 2018.

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