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E3 2018: Nintendo Announces Mecha exclusive Daemon x Machina

Giant robots are as much as an enjoyment to players as The World Cup is to a Soccer fan. it’s impossible not to love giant robots and what they can do. However, there has been a sharp lacking of giant robot video games in recent years.

With the only exception being the PSVR game Code 51, and the new Gundam games from Bandai Namco, there hasn’t been a dedicated franchise of mech games for quite some time. However, elite team developers and programmers, with a long lineage of development, are bringing back old-fashioned mech combat with Daemon X Machina, announced during the Nintendo Direct at E3 2018.

The two and a half minute trailer is described as “the most metal trailer at E3.” The trailer featured incredible looking mechs engaged in combat, taking a variety of evasive, defensive, and offensive moves to defeat rival mechs, as well as giant towering combat platforms.

Through the screams of the singer, laser fire and explosions rock the screen, echoing through a cel-shaded, wide-ranging landscape. Daemon X Machina looks amazing, but the game’s announcement is a little extra special for those that have been familiar with video games for quite some time. If players observe closely, they’ll see that the mechs in the trailer feel strongly familiar.

In the 1990’s, a small but vibrant team at From Software released Armored Core for the PSOne. An innovative title for the time, Armored Core introduced players to a truly epic mech combat experience. Players could fully customize their mech, known as “AC’s” in the game, with multiple weapons, as well as color and emblems.

The game took place following a massive global war, called The Great Destruction, with humanity’s remnants living underground and corporations taking full control. AC pilots would take on missions as mercenaries and engage any threat, including rival AC pilots.

The series became extremely popular and would survive for decades until 2013’s, Armored Core: Verdict Day, the last time we saw the Armored Core franchise. For Daemon X Machina, the core team behind the Armored Core Franchise became involved for the game, especially with their designs. With this new game’s announcement, mech-focused combat may be making a bold, strong return.

Daemon x Machina is slated for a release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2019

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