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e3 2016 underwater indie game abzu gets release date

It is a known fact that humans know more about the moon than we do about our own oceans. Beneath the surface and waves lies an entirely different realm, barely known to today’s top marine biologists. We have all been to aquariums and seen fish. We have watched animal experts on Animal Planet swim with whales. Sailors within America’s Navy have worked to protect and explore the seas. However, we have barely scratched the surface. However, for gamers, there is an exciting opportunity on the horizon coming this Summer.  From the minds behind games such as Flower and Journey comes ABZU, an underwater video game that celebrates a universal connection we have as lifeforms on this Earth.

ABZU tasks players as a young diver, who yearns to discover the truth about the Earth’s oceans as she copes with personal loss. Players will make their way deeper and deeper into the ocean, discovering all sorts of familiar and new creatures. Beneath the depths lies ancient energies and dark, mythological secrets.

The focus of this game will be discovery, exploration, and a conscious truth. ABZU comes from Matt Nava and a newly formed studio, Giant Squid. Matt led the artistic developments of of critically acclaimed games Flower, and Journey by ThatGameCompany. Both games were praised for their positive, therapeutic feedback in nature, friendship, and adventure, in addition to its incredible visuals styles and audio composition from composer Austin Wintory.

ABZU makes its way to the PlayStation 4 and PC on August 2nd.

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