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dubwars beats heart

Public Advisory Warning: I would not suggest playing DubWars before bed”¦not if you are anything like me.

I am an absolutely AVID lover of EDM and have been for years, well before it was mainstream. The reason for this is simple; it makes you move. DubWars is no different in this aspect, which honestly just serves to make the game easier and more difficult all at the same time, though that seems an impossible feat.  It tends to make aiming weapons a tad awkward when you are trying to keep your hands and body from moving to the beat of the music, but this in no way detracts from the fun to be had by playing, quite the opposite in fact.

As the level loads, they give you a bio page for the artist who did the song for the level you are about to play. It tells you a little about them and how to reach them; whether they have Facebook pages or Twitter accounts and such. This, I really liked as it gives you a way to research the artist more if you like their style of music.

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Your main goal is to last the entire length of the song without letting your health drop below zero as this means a horrible Defeat message comes up in large and obvious letters on the next screen. Rest assured, though, not all is lost. You earn sound currency based on side objectives, like whether you can be still for a certain amount of time and how many wubs you collect. (Wubs are dropped by defeated enemies.) Sound currency is also earned based off of how much of the level you completed and your score. This sound currency can be used for upgrades to your health and various weapons.

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When I first picked up the game, I was a little skeptical, to be honest. DubWars has no attack button. How hard could such a game possibly be? Oh, how I was about to have my world rocked. Attacks are doled out based on the beat of the music and every sound has a different attack to it. There was definitely a bit of a learning curve as you had to learn what attack would happen when and which enemies to focus on when which attacks were happening. The monsters over at Wobbl3, (lovely people actually), made it so there would be a learning curve to EVERY level.

Upgrades only work on the level you are playing on, so they do you absolutely no good on previous levels or those that you have yet to unlock. This keeps you from grinding and upgrading everything early on to a point where the game becomes no longer fun.

This makes the game more difficult, but not impossible to the point that you don’t want to play. In actuality, I found myself addicted pretty early on, wanting to improve my scores and get to the next levels and see what new attacks came with the new beats. The attacks to be found in each level are as different as the songs themselves. It makes it seem as if every level is an entirely different game in a way. This is further escalated as each song is so very different from the previous ones and the background in which you are playing varies so very drastically. The colors and the way the level moves can really screw with your head sometimes, so people with histories of epilepsy and seizures should heed the warning found at the beginning and talk to their doctor before playing. Personally, I loved it, though. It raised my adrenaline and pulled me further into the game.

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In short, Wobbl3 did an absolutely amazing job with DubWars and I look forward to what they bring to us in the future.

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