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Double Fine – PAX West Chat with the Developers

The folks at Double Fine Productions need no introduction. Their titles speak for themselves within the games industry their pedigree is certainly well known to gaming aficionados. and while many of us are eagerly awaiting the recently announced follow-up to Psychonauts the folks from Double Fine had quite a few other titles to talk about during PAX West 2017 through the Double Fine Presents publishing initiative.

Double Fine

With great titles on display at PAX West, such as Knights and Bikes, Ooblets, and Gang Beasts, it was hard to just talk about one or two. Thankfully Stack Up streamer and Volunteer @CallMeGIANTYT had a chance to chat with Greg Rice about all the titles available in more detail during the convention. You can listen in on that conversation in the video below!

Thanks again to CallMeGiant and of course to Greg Rice for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We are certainly looking forward to getting our hands on some of these games ourselves!

If you want to know more about these titles, make sure you head on over to the Double Fine website to check in with all of the amazing games that we chatted about in the video!

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