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DOGFIGHTER – WW2 On PlayStation 4 Available Now

Battle Royale games are a dime a dozen in the gaming world, with titles, such as Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Apex: Legends taking front and center in the genre. The time has come for something entirely different and immensely enjoyable.  A new type of Battle Royale arrived in the PlayStation store last fall with quite a few interesting takes on the genre. There is no island to fight on, no walls to build, and no buildings to run on, there is the wide-open blue sky and the development teams are about to turn those skiesblack with fire and smoke. From Grumpy, I-BONG and IGGYMOB, comes DOGFIGHTER – WW2, an aerial Battle Royale where players will need to use their sharpest wits and skills as pilots to survive the hostile airspace.

DOGFIGHTER – WW2 is a free-to-play WWII aerial combat game, where the player will be placed into a hostile aerial battle for survival. Players will be able to choose one of several aircraft, including aircraft from the United States, Japan, Germany, and other countries. Players will then have to use their aerial flight skills, as well as the environment, to evade other players and survive. Players will need to choose their shots wisely, as flying and evading is far more important than landing a kill. If players don’t think fast and fly faster, they will be shot down. In DOGFIGHTER – WW2, players will be able to fight in both the European and Pacific areas of World War II, from the open ocean to the deserts of North Africa to the fields of France.

For those looking for a more single-player experience, there is an addon scenario pack which contains a single-player campaign with cinematic cutscenes.

DOGFIGHTER – WW2 featured the following at launch:

  1. A real dogfighting Battle Royale with maximum of 40 players!!

  2. Players can freely choose and customize warplanes in Battle Royale, ranging from the US Mustang fighters to the Messerschimit BF-109, Zero-sen, and Spitfires.

  3. Arcade controls that will be easy to use for anyone who’s played a first or third person shooter before.

As the trailer shows, DOGFIGHTER – WW2 uses the Unreal Engine to provide incredible details and remarkable visual settings. The game also features easy-to-learn controls for players that want to get straight into the action. With the free-to-play model in place and an accessible control scheme, DOGFIGHTER – WW2 is certainly looking to be something extraordinary. Having grown up with WWII flight games, such as Heroes Over The Pacific and Secret Weapons Over Normandy, I welcome excitedly this addition to free-to-play games on the PlayStation 4.

DOGFIGHTER – WW2 is available for free on the PlayStation store for PS Plus members.

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