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Dive: Starpath – Available Now For Free

We often look to the skies, pondering what lies beyond the twinkling stars. We look to the horizon in front of us, in awe that a celestial object, like the planet Earth, can sustain life but, between the vast black gulfs of space and our life-sustaining environment lies a firm, fragile line, known as the Stratosphere.

Somehow, with all the cosmic forces of our universe, an atmosphere can form and sustain an entire world. It is here where great mysteries lie, and for the protagonist of Dive: Starpath, it is in the stratosphere where answers will be discovered. From the appropriately named Gravity Well Studios comes Dive: Starpath, a galactic story and adventure game that takes place on the edge of space.

Dive: Starpath

Dive: Starpath has players in the role of Star Diver Juno, a young female astronaut with a thirst for exploration and scientific pursuit. Upon exploring the very edges of several planets, she discovers that a previous traveler has been here. Where the traveler is and is its intentions remain unknown.

As a Star Diver, you will traverse the edges of entire planets in pursuits of answers. Dive: Starpath plays as a 3D runner, with full flight range and resource management, set against the beautiful and oftentimes dangerous environment of outer space.

Players will skirt the atmospheres of planets, collecting data boxes and trying to uncover the mysteries of this traveler. Players will encounter deadly debris, space-time hazards, and have to counter gravitational pulls that work against you.

Dive: Starpath features a full story set across dozens of levels, including extendable and bonus levels, set across 5 different planets in a foreign star system. Accompanying this story is a gripping soundtrack by Australian composer Nick Borrego, which combines a quiet piano with epic drums and violins. You can listen to his soundtrack HERE.

Dive: Starpath was made by a group of thirteen students, in Utah University’s elite Entertainment Arts & Engineering program, or EAE for short. The group of students collaborated and worked on various projects while in school but they shared their deep passion and enthusiasm for science fiction. Following graduation, the team formed their very own studio, Gravity Well Studios, and have continued to work hard on Dive: Starpath.  Now, the game is available for Free today on Steam.

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