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destiny xurs weekend goods

The time is upon us again in the Destiny universe, it’s Xûr weekend!!! Does that mean a week of disappointment, or does Xûr have something special for us in his inventory this week? Ultimately it is up to the eye of the beholder, but here are my suggestions for Xûr’s inventory this week.

Xûr this week is located in the back of the club below the tower hangar. His inventory has some year one remakes but does lack the variety of the year 2 exotics that some of us are still hunting.


Let’s start off with “An Insurmountable Skullfort”. Titan helmet that grants an additional melee charge, bonus super energy (dependent upon sub perk selected), and bonus melee energy when picking up an Orb. This week’s stat roll on it isn’t amazing, but it does have Intellect and strength. This roll will help generate your super even faster in PvE and reduce the cooldown’s of your double melee. I personally wouldn’t recommend this helmet for PvP use since there are others out there with better sub perks to fit that fighting role.


Overall Opinion: Buy for PvE use if you like punching minions and don’t already have it. Going to cost you 13 Strange Coins to purchase.

Next up we have the “Achlyophage Symbiote”. Golden Gun Hunter helmet that allows the Golden Gun to have an additional shot. This helmet can be used in either PvP or PvE equally and has a good Intellect stat roll this week. Ultimately this helmet was a game changer in year one, but things have changed dramatically since The Taken King’s release. With the introduction of the Nightstalker subclass being the most useful class in PvE makes this helmet and Gunslingers pointless for PvE. While PvP does have some promise and can potentially be useful giving you an extra Golden Gun bullet (at the cost of having less time to shoot). Personally, I have found having “Young Ahamkara’s Spine” supplying myself with an extra-long lasting tripmine grenade has been more useful in PvP.


Overall Opinion: Don’t bother for PvE use save your 13 strange coins for something else. For PvP this is a must buy if you like using the Gunslinger subclass and don’t have an exotic to use (Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Crest of Alpha Lupi, ect”¦).

For the Warlock class this week consists of the “Heart of the Praxic Fire”. One of the best chests in the game for Sunsinger Warlocks in both PvE and PvP content. Sunsingers are still used heavily in PvE content to allow a self-revive (helpful in hard modes). While in PvP they are used often during Trials of Osiris to turn the tides of a match. This chest piece will drastically reduce all the cooldowns for the warlock. If you have stacked some discipline, you pretty much have the ability to toss grenade after grenade at your enemies. In addition, if you turn on Touch of Flame and Viking Funeral you will have your foes running for safety. I am not too fond of the secondary rolls as they consist of hand cannon and fusion rifle ammo. Not to worry though, they can be rerolled with the help of some “Glass Needles” into ammo type that you prefer. If you do decide to reroll, watch the stats since those will change as well. The last perk of this armor allows you to either receive less solar damage or increase your armor is using a solar subclass. The stat rolls on this armor are not as strong since I would prefer a higher discipline stat, but remember this can be rerolled.


Overall Opinion: If you do not have this armor and play the Sunsinger I advise you that you spend the 13 Strange Coins and pick this up today!

Now to the weapon, which happens to be the “Hard Light” auto rifle. With the recent changes to the weapons during the 2.1.0 update, this weapon has gotten a boost in the battlefield. This gun has a decent range and great stability (with fitted stock selected) making it easy to line up your target. The biggest perk about this particular weapon is what makes it special, Volatile Light which allows your rounds to have no damage falloff, over penetrates targets, and  can ricochet off hard surfaces. This allows you to line up enemies in your sights or, if you want to stay in cover, shoot a wall to bounce your bullets around corners. No matter what you enjoy to play, PvE or PvP, this weapon can help you out in multiple ways.


Overall Opinion: Must buy for any person who loves auto rifles in Destiny. If you do not have this unlocked yet, I advise that you spend the 23 strange coins to pick it up.

Xûr additionally is selling the legacy engram for all the grimoire hunters out there who have yet to collect all the year 1 exotics. If you want to try your luck to complete your special weapons engrams grimoire, then it will cost you 31 strange coins per engram.


As always, Xûr is selling two Sparrow drives this week which include the Plasma Drive (Blue trail) and Void Drive (Purple trail). Each will cost you 23 strange coins. If you are low on Heavy ammo synthesis, three of them will cost you one strange coin. The two other consumables you can purchase from Xûr every week are the “Three of Coins” at 5 for the cost of 7 strange coins, and the Glass Needles at 3 for the cost of 3 strange coins 3 motes of light and 1 exotic shard.

If all else fails and you are still hunting new year two exotics then do what I did and stock up on all the Three of Coins you can during Friday and Saturday.

  1. Happy Xûr Day!!

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