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destiny sparrow racing league arrives

For all of us that have been playing Destiny since day one, FINALLLLY something amazing has been reported from the Bungie Live Team! A huge announcement dropped during the PlayStation Experience this past weekend. For those who have just recently started playing or have been playing since the previous DLC’s, this current addition is sure to be a gripping new addiction for all. Sparrow racing is finally here!!!!!!!!

This news marks a great day within the Destiny Reddit community. This feature has been begged for by many players since the original release of the core game. Below, I’ve placed some hyperlinks so you might see for yourself just how far back the requests by players for this new content dates. Do You Want Sparrow Racing? Does Anyone Else Agree That Sparrow Races Should Be A Thing In the Final Game?

Strap on your aerodynamic Sparrow Racing League (SRL) gear, grab your favorite sparrow from Amanda Holliday, and be prepared to kick up dust while you scuff up some rides on the track during this new content. Every Guardian currently playing The Taken King will be invited to join the SRL. To begin this event, you will need to speak with Amanda Holliday in the Tower. She will give you the quest line and also some bounties you can complete while you compete in the SRL. Amanda will also be your quartermaster similar to how Lord Saladin is for the Iron Banner. Be sure to check in with her for your SRL rewards as you go. Additionally, it appears that Eververse Trading Company will be getting new items to stock on its shelves. These new items will include emotes, sparrows, and a sparrow racing bounty book. If you want them, be prepared to spend some silver!

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According to the Bungie team, there will be two different courses to test our skills and push us to our driving limits. Campus Martius which is based in Meridian Bay, Mars is the first one. It is said to be the easier course. Campus Martius is filled with boost gates, enemies, and several giant spinning fan blades sure to pose a threat while driving through them during the three required laps.

The second course, called Infinite Descent, is located in Maat Mons, Venus. It is the more difficult of the two. This map also has a three lap limit. However, the difference is this course consistently travels in a downhill slope from start to finish. To complete a lap and start back up at the top, you must drive through a warp gate at the bottom of the course all while avoiding The Fallen and Vex enemies! Challenge accepted!

2015-12-07 09.27.51

Just from watching the ViDoc (linked above), I can already tell that Infinite Descent will be more difficult to navigate based on the layout of the course. Yes, both races will have enemies trying to shoot us off our sparrows, but Infinite Descent appears to have more drops and chances where you can be bumped off course or the track completely. If this happens, it isn’t the end of the world”¦ but it is definitely going to take a little bit of skill and course knowledge to catch back up to the pack.

I, personally, cannot wait for this new content to be dropped! We, as a community, have asked and ultimately have received. This means if you have good ideas or additions which you would like to see in game, speak up! It appears the Bungie developers are listening and providing changes based on customer demand through feedback forums. Let your Guardian’s voice be heard!!! Who knows what ideas they will run with next? For now, it’s time for me to go put on my helmet, hop on the Sparrow”¦ and meet all you Guardians on the track!!!!

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