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Destiny 2 – New Places and New Adventures

Destiny 2: New Places and New Adventures

Ever since May 18th, we have gotten a small glimpse into what the future of Destiny is and where it is going to take us. Bungie announced a plethora of changes that are going to be implemented into Destiny 2 upon release. The reveal stream teased us with a new campaign, larger patrols, planets, and Crucible modes to enjoy upon the release of Destiny 2.


Ghaul Brings Forth the Red Legion

In the reveal trailer, we experienced a small sample of the attack on the Tower conducted by Ghaul. This is where our next adventure starts Guardians. Ghaul has attacked the Tower and started draining the light from the Traveler. Doing this has caused the Guardians to lose our light and our ability to defend our home during the onslaught. Destiny 2 will offer more cinematics than ever before. I believe that will help us explore the lore of this game easier than it ever was before. Bungie has decided to scrap the old grimoire cards for this ability to allow the game to speak for itself. This sneak peek is a massive turn in the proper direction for Bungie and the Destiny universe.


Time for an Adventure

As we all know Destiny is a game that has a deep embodiment of adventure at its core. Adventure is at the heart of most video games that submerge you into the story. Bungie figured out a way to present adventure to the community in a fashion they would fall in love with. I believe they did just that during their live stream. Announcing new modes within each exciting new planet and moons we get to explore.

Destiny 2 A new map to guide you

Photo: Bungie Destiny Live Stream

First off patrols will be back in Destiny 2, alongside this they have introduced Public Events with heroic objectives, Adventures, and Lost Sectors. Each will provide Guardians with new activities and ways to explore the new areas. With this comes a new map which will help us explore each world and travel between different events with ease. It will be a lot easier than it was in the original Destiny since now you get to fast travel to different areas without having to return to orbit. This will allow you to stay engulfed inside the story a little bit easier and have to deal with fewer load screens between actions.


New Planets and Areas

In Destiny, we have gotten to explore Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, the Dreadnaught, the Reef, and pieces of Mercury. The Earth will stay in Destiny 2, but our Guardians will plant their boots on three other new worlds. We will be venturing through Io, Nessus, Titan, and the EDZ.

Destiny 2 New worlds to explore

Photo: Bungie Destiny Live Stream

Nessus, a planet which is almost completely adapted by the Vex have transitioned it into one of their mechanical worlds. This planet is filled with cliffs and red vegetation which brings the environment to life as we explore.

Io, a moon of Jupiter with sulfuric properties which bring out its yellow color. It reminded me of Venus a lot based on some of the geographic formations. Io happens to be a very special place for us to explore. Io was the last place that the Travel touched before the start of the collapse. This place will have a lot of history to uncover, lore to explore, and secrets to uproot.

Titan, one of Saturn’s moons will have the environment of a catastrophic methane ocean with 40m waves. Buildings and structures still exist there from the Golden Age but have been abandoned ever since the collapse.

The European Dead Zone (or EDZ) is one of the largest destination Bungie has ever designed for Destiny. This is where we will make our new home and our starting point to taking back our world from Ghaul’s forces. This is where the new social space is located.


Evolution of the Crucible

The Crucible is where we test our skills and strength in PvP combat against other Guardians. In our current version, we have game modes that allow 6v6, 3v3, 2v2, or free for all. Destiny 2 is changing into a Crucible environment where you can learn and adapt to your experiences within the game and maps. Instead of 6v6, the maximum number of Guardians on a battlefield will be 4v4. The reasoning behind this was to allow the

Destiny 2 PvP and Mode

Photo: Bungie Destiny Live Stream

Guardians to learn from their battles in a less chaotic environment. Crucible will also have new features in footstep sounds, and visual text indications letting you know what is going on in the battlefield. PvP is all about learning in the battlefield and I believe these changes will allow any guardian to react and grow into better players with practice.


Within the Crucible, there’s one new game mode announced called Countdown. This game mode is based upon an attack and defend mentality just like many other FPS games have done. One team will attack carrying charges with the objective of detonating on one of two locations. Once planted the attacking team must defend it to allow detonation. The other side of the battle will be the defending team making sure that this doesn’t happen. Any point when all Guardians on a team are eliminated the round ends and the surviving team wins. Reviving your teammates will be an option in this game mode to prevent a single death elimination. This will allow for swings in the battlefield if you are able to get another gun up and back into battle.


That said, it looks like we will have a lot of new places to explore and activities to enjoy on release day.  Single players out there will be enjoying new ways to play this game and make new friends. We will be going into depth on how that has changed for you next time.

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