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Destiny 2 Arcstrider breakdown from E32017

Playing with the Arcstrider at E32017

Guardians, we are back with an extended look into the new Arcstrider subclass for the Hunter. Thanks to Stack-Up and Bungie I was able to get some extra time with the new Hunter subclass at E32017.The Arcstrider is the new Arc subclass for the Hunter. It is going to replace the old Bladedancer subclass from Destiny 1. Over the last several years the Bladedancer has varied from overpowered to extremely underpowered. It also had a lot of registration problems due to connection based issues. I believe these changes to the Arc subclass may help balance those tables when Destiny 2 drops.

Thanks to Arekkz Gaming’s Video I was able to get a detailed list of all the ability nodes. Keep in mind that Arcstrider is replacing Bladedancer, so some of the abilities will remain the same between the two subclasses.

Arcstrider Abilities

Image taken from @FutureFoe


All remain the same from Destiny 1’s Bladedancer subclass

  1. Flux Grenade – Explosive Grenade that deals additional damage when attached to enemies.

  2. Arcbolt Grenade – Grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies.

  3. Skip Grenade – Grenade that splits upon impact, creating multiple projectiles which seek enemies.

Super Ability

Arc Staff – New super ability that utilizes a staff charged with arc energy to inflict damage to enemies.

Class Abilities

These abilities are available to pick between the two options no matter the subclass selection.

  1. Marksman’s Dodge – Auto reloads equipped weapon when dodging

  2. Gambler’s Dodge – Dodging near enemies generates melee energy

Jump Abilities

Common jump types return to Destiny 2. To note it looks like Blink as possibly been removed from Destiny 2. This may be because of possible balance issues during the years of Destiny 1 gameplay.

  1. High Jump – Upgrades double jump with even greater height.

  2. Strafe Jump – Upgrades double jump with better directional control while in the air.

  3. Triple Jump – Upgrades double jump with a third jump

Way of the Warrior Node

  1. Shocking Blow – Striking and enemy with this powerful melee attack emits a deadly bolt of lightning from your fist.

  2. Combat Flow – Melee kills recharge your Dodge skill.

  3. Deadly Reach – Dodging temporarily increases Melee range.

  4. Lethal Current – Arc Staff attacks hit twice after dodging

Way of the Wind Node

  1. Disorienting Blow – Striking an enemy with his debilitating melee stack disorients the target. Killing a target with Disorienting Blow instantly recharges it.

  2. Lightning Reflexes – Take less damage while Dodging when Arc Staff is active.

  3. Battle Meditation – When critically wounded, Melee and Grenades recharge drastically faster.

  4. Focused Breathing – Sprinting reduces your Dodge cooldown. Increased Maximum Sprint speed.

Utilizing the Arcstrider

With how these abilities mesh together it looks like the Arcstrider can be very powerful if used properly. These abilities look to blend in the Dodge mechanic to enhance your damage output from abilities. Just like all the other Subclasses in Destiny 2, Arcstrider will have two main nodes which will help balance your overall playstyle.

Differences Between the Nodes

These two nodes, Way of the Warrior and Way of the Wind will depend on your overall gameplay preference. The Way of the Warrior looks to incorporate more of an in your face close range battle playstyle. Warrior’s passive perks “Combat Flow” and “Deadly Reach” look like it may have some good synergy with the Gambler’s Dodge class ability. “Lethal Current” looks very promising to enhance damage output during PvE battles. It also seems like it will try to combine and encourage Hunters to utilize Dodge more often during encounters.

The Way of the Wind looks to provide more of a survivability playstyle. Lightning Reflexes would help an Arcstrider get into or out of sticky situations by reducing damage when dodging while Arc Staff is active. Battle Meditation combined with Focused Breathing will help with disengaging from a firefight. Sprinting out of a critical battle to recover abilities in preparation for the next firefight.

My overall thoughts are no matter what your playstyle may be this new subclass seems to be one that requires finesse, proper positioning, and well-timed strikes to be absolutely deadly. So, use your dodges wisely and when the time is right, strike!

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