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demitrios the big cynical adventure goes from pc to playstation vita next week

Old is new again, as classic adventure games, specifically from 1990’s computers, make their way to the consoles of today. Their focus on puzzle-solving, story-telling, exciting characters and investigations left a memorable impact on the players that played them. Escape from Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Day Of The Tentacle encompass the immersive experiences that these games provide. However, if players are tired of the traditional adventure these games provide, prepare for a new adventure, a cynical one at that. From the one-man developer, COWCAT, coming from the lovely city of Paris, comes Demetrios: A Cynical Adventure.

Demetrios: A Cynical Adventure is a classic adventure game, combining elements of the Point-and-Click adventure with the visual novel genre of video games, Steins: Gate 0 and Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness being prime examples of the latter. Featuring a gameplay experience, suited for both casual and expert players alike, players will embark on an unconventional story, making important choices, and potentially solving a dark mystery of epic proportions.


In Demetrios: A Cynical Adventure, players take the role of Bjorn Thornen, an antique dealer, who is also kind of a slob. After coming home one night, Bjorn finds himself robbed. Players will embark on a journey to exotic places, creepy places, disgusting places, and all sorts of other places. Conducting his own investigation, he comes across his neighbor, Sandra. Together, they embark on a mysterious adventure that will take them to creepy places, exotic places, and disgusting places. They will make vital choices and decisions, encounter dangerous moments, and have a wonderful time in a BIG adventure spanning 8-12 hours.

Demetrios: A cynical Adventure made its way to PC, Mac, and Linux on May 31st, 2016. Over the past several months, it has received great positive acclaim for it’s clever mechanics and sense of humor. The release on the PlayStation Vita gives PlayStation owners an opportunity to experience the game on the go. The launch comes at a time when the handheld is being seen as a strong gateway for classic adventure and visual novel video games.

Demetrios: A Cynical Adventure will release on December 6th for PlayStation Vita for $9.99.

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