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Deciphering IGN First Videos of Destiny 2

Digesting Destiny 2 IGN First Videos

Hey, Guardians! This time around we’re going to be going over the information passed out by IGN. Over the past two weeks, IGN has been releasing daily video content on specific items. These videos had some great information in them. Some info was blatantly obvious, while others needed to be deciphered slightly.  Again, this is all speculation based. Destiny 2 is still being built and these items can change, so please keep that in mind.

The Destiny 2 Videos

The Farm

Captured from IGN First Video

The new social space which we will call our new home after being ejected from the tower. With Ryan Ebenger the narrative lead for Bungie as our guide he explains that there will be little events and activities that you can unlock to enjoy within The Farm. Expect new characters to come and go as the story evolves as you go through the story. Unlike the old Tower, we will be at the Farm with a full room of 26 Guardians.

The Vision

During this video, there were some small video clips which showed us some changes. When using your super against other Guardians super ability be prepared to hit them twice to take them out. Mark Noseworthy talks about how Destiny 2 will have more story within the game. He also ties this into getting exotic weapons and armor within the game.  So maybe there will be more lore tied into these exotics within the game this time around? They also mentioned load out locking for some events. Currently, we have no idea what those specific events are as of yet.

Tour the Endless Vale

Captured from IGN First Video

This Crucible map of Nessus looks to be pretty well mirrored for both sides. Allowing for both long line of sights and tight corners to balance the game type you prefer. While their Guardian was switching between their weapons to his sidearm. That being said some people heard the similar sound of a luck in the chamber perk round go off. Some think that perk is coming back. I, on the other hand, think it is a different perk which causes extra damage on the initial shot. On another note, I have been proven wrong possibly when I thought that Sweet Business auto rifle was specifically for the Titan. During the video, you can clearly see a Hunter rocking it in his spawn. Again, the game hasn’t shipped yet so things are capable of changing.

Revamped Control Mode

Captured and Cropped from IGN First Video

During the video, a lot of people were assuming that the scout rifle was an exotic due to its paint job and scope set up. Honestly, I just believe that these weapons with that paint job are just a different faction or a new spin off coloring to the standard weapon types. The only other minor thing was when the Golden Gun was used. When he eliminated the other Guardian, a new medal appeared and at the base was the title “Record Complete / The Quickening”. Now that makes me assume that there may be a new record book in Destiny 2.

Sentinel Titan Action

During the video, it seems that the Titan playing can utilize the Titan skating technique. During all the previous gameplay at E3 and watching other clips Titans were not this mobile. Again, the game is constantly evolving we will see what the Beta presents us this week and reanalyze. When the Sentinel Titan activated its super it had the ability to swing on the ground/air, throw the shield, and put up a forward blocking shield. On a side note, it did look like a hunter walking through the Titan wall took damage from doing so. Might have to be careful walking through enemy class abilities it may seem.

Voidwalker Action

Captured from IGN First Video

This video didn’t have any commentary on it, but it pretty much spoke for itself. Voidwalker has been confirmed that it is returning for Destiny 2. Some things that I saw during this video which caught my attention was the new graphic design of its abilities. Scatter Grenades are drastically visually enhanced. Another note was that Blink returned for this subclass. It still has a small cooldown and removes HUD features for a second while using Blink. The major change was to the Nova Bomb. This gigantic purple ball of death has just become a little bit more powerful. It is the only non-roaming super within Destiny 2 so far. Watching this clip, it looks like the bomb has slowed down a little bit, but has minor tracking capabilities. After the initial explosion, there looked like there were secondary projectiles which also started tracking.

The Story

This video was surprising was pretty straight forward. I was unable to find any secrets throughout this video. Although it does get me pretty pumped up to get my hands on the story of Destiny without having to dive into outside sources.

Behind the Sentinel Titan

During this video, they go into detail on how the effects really play a part in showing you information. Also, they confirmed that the Sentinel Titan can pick between generating a shield or placing down a bubble.

Tour of Vostok

Right away we are greeted with a map based off of our old Felwinter’s Peak from Destiny 1. This map looks like it will be well built for Control. It might be a little tricky for other game modes given the design. The layout looks to be in more of a triangular orientation. It also has a bunch of little side paths and what Bungie is calling “Ninja routes”. These routes are quick ways to evade, clear line of sight paths, or flank enemies. I can see this map supporting all weapons types with sniper towers, and close quarter buildings/caves.

Titan on Vostok from Destiny 2

Captured from IGN First Video

During the Striker gameplay, I was able to notice a couple of small things. The lightning grenade does pulse a little slower. The shoulder charge still packs a punch but does not instantly kill a guardian. The Titan shield wall can take damage and can be destroyed with gunfire or abilities. During Sentinel gameplay, we saw a void wall grenade being used which belonged to the Nightstalker Hunter class in D1.

Warlock on Vostok

During the video, there were a couple of times where a Destiny 1 Warlock would have missed his jump. In Destiny 2 it looks like mounting mechanic is going to be in the game so far to make life a little easier for us. You could see some good tactics of the warlock using the health regen during flag captures to help.

Listen to the Sounds of Destiny 2

This video makes me so excited and pumped for the game there’s not much else I can say about it. The only thing I can say is to make sure you take the time to watch it. If you like to be immersed in your video games than Bungie is doing it right with their sound team. All the guns have changed, made you listen more in the Crucible. The biggest thing for me was balancing the music for fight scenes. If you have the beta downloaded, load it up and just sit at the menu and listen to the music. Let me know what you guys think about it, honestly.

The Road Ahead for Destiny 2

Now we wait for this week’s news along with the Beta. The next video from IGN will be out on Tuesday when the Beta drops. I’ll be back next week as I dive through the videos that IGN releases as well as information during the Beta gameplay. We have a lot of interesting things to look forward to. Currently, the one titled “Peripherals” peaks my interest on July 20th.

Which ones are you looking forward to? Till then, I’ll catch you guys in the Destiny Universe starting on the 18th!

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