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DeathState – Brings Non-Stop Dimensional Action to PlayStation 4

As Rick and Morty have proven, science can be a dangerous, horrifying, and terribly fun time, from altering the fabric of time to rediscovering the joy of McDonalds Szechuan Sauce. When you read the plot of the new video game, DeathState, from Bread Machine Games and Black Shell media, the plot and setup can feel something pulled straight from Rick and Morty’s hijinks, but it becomes all the more bizarre, and exciting.

Coming tomorrow is DeathState, a new furiously action-packed single stick shooter that tasks players with exploring a void, a realm that is between, above, below, and within the confines of reality. When your best friend, Professor Elinberg, rips open a dimensional portal into this void, it is up to you and an assortment of friends to battle evil monsters and demons across the fabric of reality to find and save the lost professor.


Unique to this game is the control scheme, as the game is a single stick shooter. The weapons fire and aiming are automatic, but it requires your skill with movement and quick reflexes to successfully kill the enemies around you. The battle will be immense and dangerous, but as the void is not bound tot the laws of regular reality, humans that enter this void may have an advantage.

Players that enter the void are capable of taking organs from the rotting corpses of their dead and making it their own, turning them into supreme beings. These organs will give players certain advantages and attributes in combat. The further they descend into the level, the more frightful enemies, and pure insanity they will encounter.


Additionally, the game takes place well beyond Earth and space; players will come across a variety of powerups, from masks to ancient runes and alchemy books. Players will need all the advantage and skill that can be mustered.

DeathState is also a rogue-like game, filled with daunting boss fights and a great challenge. No two experiences will ever be the same in DeathState, giving players the chance to experiment with all forms of combat tactics, as well as giving players the opportunity to hone in on their skills. Will you succumb to insanity, or hold some of it left to see your scientific mission thorugh? That is up to you.

DeathState is now out on the PlayStation 4 and is also currently available on Steam.

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