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Dauntless – PAX West Interview with the Developer!

It is no secret we here at Stack-Up are big fans of Dauntless. We had our first chance to check this title out at PAX South earlier this year and we were hooked on the slaying action. What is even more awesome is that the folks at Dauntless seem to enjoy us at here at Stack-Up just as much.

During our time with them at PAX South, one of their artists drew up these awesome shots of Mary one of our Air Assaults and Dave our Veteran Coordinator.


The fun continued through to the launch of the Dauntless alpha when Stack-up was presented with an amazing in-game shout out!

That is a flare, which is what you use to let other slayers know where the monster is. They have various ones you can purchase or earn through gameplay but the folks at Stack_up certainly are rather taken with this one!

This past PAX West we couldn’t resist the opportunity to chat with the folks at Pheonix Labs in more detail about Dauntless and Chris Cleroux was more than happy to help and speak with us about the game!

Thanks again Chris for taking time out of your convention to chat about the game with us! Red Shirts you can follow along with all the game updates and get ready for the full launch of Dauntless by visiting their website located HERE!

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