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darius burst chronicles saviors review 1 year later

Spaceship shooters are some of the most classic and legendary genres in the history of video games. They are simple and engaging, providing instantaneous action set-pieces while requiring minimal player input. Spaceship shooter then becomes a matter of skill, requiring repeat gameplay to conquer some truly defying challenges. Chances are, you have played a shoot-em’ up to spaceship shooter in your lifetimes, whether it hails from arcade classics such as Galaxy Force II, or insane challenges such as R-Type, there was a time in which you played a game that directly involved shooting down every last enemy.

At times, these games would be met with ferocious boss fights, and seem almost impossible to play. For the dedicated player, it took patience, memorization, and figuring out the mechanics of every nook and cranny a particular game had to offer. It was a common genre, spanning every gaming platform imaginable, across every scenario imaginable. Among these legendary shooters is a game that placed an entire legacy across decades and various platforms. Taito, the makers of legendary arcade video games, such as Space Invaders, created a new type of spaceship shmup in 1987. This game would be titled Darius, and establish a long, proud legacy of space ship shooting for decades to come.

Darius Burst Chronicles Saviors

The original game was known for doing things that no other arcade cabinet, or spaceship shooter, had done before. The arcade cabinet comprised of three entire TV screens, making for a very large viewing area, and giving scope to the battle at hand. The game also featured multiple paths that the player could take. Depending on the path, players would encounter an entirely new area, with new enemies and bosses. This made repeat gameplay a new experience each time. Darius would find a legacy spanning multiple decades, across every video game platform imaginable, with the latest addition being Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours.

Degica Games brought us Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours in 2015, a full remake of the original Dariusburst. The game was proudly released to the PlayStation 4 and PlaStation Vita systems here in the uNited States. What started off as a nice spaceship offering on the PlayStation Store has turned into one of the most profound and engaging spaceship shooting experiences available today.

On the outside, Dariusburst looks innocent, but the game has teeth, particularly in the famous boss battles. The bosses are all giant robotic creatures, resembling familiar oceanic wildlife. These bosses compose the dreaded Belsar Army and repeatedly fight the humans on the planet, Darius, as Earth was annihilated some time ago. Using the spaceship, the Silverhawk, and the discovery of the burst system, players will be tasked to fight across the cosmos to destroy the Belsar Army and protect humanity. As a spaceship shooter players will, of course, be tasked with avoiding enemy fire while destroying thousands of smaller enemies, as well as defeating incredibly intimidating bosses.

DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours features three different game modes. The main arcade mode is a quick, yet incredibly engaging arcade experience, putting players right into the action of the main campaign. Players will encounter hundreds of enemies and giant bosses, with multiple paths to cross.Repeat gameplay is a must, as the enemy’s sole purpose in the universe is to eliminate you and all humans.

The meat of Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is it’s CS Mode, a very large series of missions detailing the ongoing war against the Belsar Empire. As the war encompasses multiple planets and star systems, players will embark on a multitude of operations. While each one involves shooting the bad guys, each mission has significant differences, such as the type of ship used, and the arrangement of levels and boss fights. As players make their way through CS mode, they will be able to accumulate enough points to purchase and upgrade their ships.

For spaceship shooters, gameplay is everything. If the gameplay is flawed, the game is ruined. However, Dariusburst becomes a spaceship shooter with absolutely tremendous gameplay What makes DariusBurst Chronicles so rewarding is not just it’s legacy of games, but how resounding its gameplay continues to echo, from the old arcade days to the present day. The gameplay is incredible, requiring skill, memorization, sheer determination, and even a little bit of luck. It’s incredible sci-fi presentation is reminiscent of 1980’s retro sci-fi, from surreal, deep-space settings to its hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, performed by ZUNTATA, each experience is an incredible moment.

It’s as if DairusBurst Chronicle Saviours is a time capsule to an earlier time in video games. Instead of emulating that experience, it becomes and embraces that experience for another generation of gamers. Dariusburst represents the imagination of an often forgotten genre of games, where players got to be the heroes and save the galaxy from a seemingly unstoppable enemy. These kind of games are not quite made in today’s world. Indeed, there are games that put you as the hero, like Titanfall 2 or DOOM, but, not with the level of skill, scope, or design that spaceship shooters, like Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours, has. It’s a remarkable experience. Dariusburst Chronicles Saviours also support couch co-op play, sweetening the experience for those that can play together.

This is most especially seen in the DLC for DariusBurst CS, which is continuing, even over a year later. SEGA,  Taito, and other developers have lent their own properties into the overall DariusBurst experience to deliver unique experiences, as well as to highlight the large, rich history of space ship shumps. Some of these mission packs are from Ray Force, Galaxy Force II, Fantasy Zone, and many other legendary spaceship shooters. These packs not only give players a glimpse into that particular games’ history but also a unique gameplay style that enriches the core DariusBurst experience.

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is a fantastic spaceship shooter experience that lives up to its legacy. It’s exciting combat, wonderfully realized presentation, and the deluge of content will excite players, both old and new. It’s an incredible experience that everyone on PlayStation and Steam should experience.

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