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Dandara – Heading To Consoles And PC Feb 6th

There is more than one way to navigate the world, and in the world of Dandara, this involves defying gravity. Today, Raw Fury, the wild and enthusiastic Swedish-based game publisher, announced a firm release date for a special game that has made positive rounds in the gaming circle, from the PAX WEST show floor to Nintendo’s Nindies showcase.

That game is Dandara, a title that is shaping to be not just a creative and immersive title, but a strong and poignant adventure for all to embark on. Having played the game myself at PAX West, today’s announcement is incredibly exciting.


Dandara is a Metroidvania action and adventure game greatly inspired by the real-life legendary Brazilian warrior, Dandara. While not much is known about her life and what she did, many told the tale of her endearing and courageous efforts against slavery during the colonial expansions of the 1600’s. She was skilled in Brazilian capoeira, learned how to live with the jungle, and used her hunting skills to actively engage in combat. Her life remains a mystery, but her courageous efforts have been used to become the foundation of the game.

In the video game, Dandara, players will star as the legendary hero in a world beyond reality. As the world has been fractured, it is up to her to defeat a great evil and set the world right again. Players will have to actively maneuver and engage in a world without gravity.

While daunting, a sharp control scheme keeps up and down relative to each other. Players skills will be put to the test as they battle the evil Eldarian Army. Dandara will encounter both friends and foes, unlocking new weapons and abilities as they span a universe inspired by real-life locations in Brazil.

At PAX WEST in September 2017, I had the opportunity to play the game during the Nindies showcase, and I found it to be quite engaging. Dandara reminded me greatly of Gravity Rush, as both games used the lack of gravity in interesting ways for combat as well as defense.

Once I got the hang of the control scheme, I was blasting away bad guys and navigating unbelievable sections of the level. I was encountering imaginative creatures, filled with personality as well.

I had spoken to members of the team, and their enthusiasm for Dandara was contagious. They absolutely loved the fact that they were introducing a different kind of game with an imaginative world and starring a believable protagonist.

Dandara officially launches on February 6th for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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