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Cryptark – Launches for PS4 and Steam on June 20th

Inspired by the mysterious isolation of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise, as well as the visual imaginations of H.R. Giger,  AlienTrap’s newest game, CryptArk, is finally launching to PlayStation 4 consoles and Steam after close to three years of development. CryptArk was first released onto Steam’s Early Access Program in 2015, and throughout the last few years, the game has continuously received a multitude of refinements and polish to make the game as best as it can be.

CryptArk takes place in the furthest reaches of deep space, far from Earth or any kind of authority. You are a privateer, accepting contracts with very generous bounties to satiate any financial needs. These contracts involve infiltrating and looting ancient space hulks, adrift in the black gulfs of space. Eons ago, a mysterious alien race traversed the cosmos in massive interstellar starships, filled with invaluable resources, cutting edge technology, and rare items that have become artifacts.


How this race became extinct is a mystery left to the infinite vastness of the stars, but in their absence, they have left behind these space hulks. Deep within are ancient defense systems and cybernetic enemies, still programmed to defend the ship from any intrusion. Your goal, as a privateer, is to infiltrate these ships, loot any valuable items, and smash their defense systems. Upon the destruction of the ship’s core, the privateer will have achieved victory and all the spoils of the ship.

I personally managed to have a hands-on experience at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington in September 2016. Please click HERE for full impressions of what it felt like to play CryptArk. Look for CryptArk to deploy on Tuesday, June 20th on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

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