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PC Vetrofit Crate – Luis

Thanks for opening up this PC Vetrofit Crate update. Here, we tell you about a gaming care package we sent out anywhere from 1 week to 5 months ago. Why the range? Sometimes we send out a gaming care package and don't receive a response with photos of the recipient and their game console or PC for months at a time. Of late, we've been receiving more responses than ever before from Supply Crate recipients and the responses have been inspiring.

Let's get down to it, shall we? Luis is an Army Veteran who was once known for being a fun character to be around during his service. He wanted a gaming PC for the sake of gaming and spreading joy and mental health awareness. Read his request below:

I am a prior service combat veteran operations OEF and OIF. One of the things i personally enjoyed doing was making my family, friends, and fellow soldiers happy by being silly, funny, and constantly pushing the envelope of making fun of myself or putting my peers in silly situations. This leading to being referenced as characters murdock and klinger . Gaming has always been more than just a past time for me it has been an inspiration, therapy, and a way make new and lasting friendships when i'm not spending time with my wife and daughter. I do deal with anxiety, ptsd, and depression and have recently wanted to do more with gaming not only to help myself but also bring joy, and a sense of therapy to others while spreading mental health awareness.

While plenty of people might smile, make jokes, and strive to make others laugh, that doesn't mean they're not struggling. As you read, Luis is one of those people who put in the effort of making others happy even when he isn't doing great and should get a little something for it, don't you think?

So we packed him up a PC and games during our Hundred Heroes push in the fall and shipped it out. Here's his response:

Words can't begin to explain how grateful I am for the organization and its supporters! I have been using a half broken laptop for 2 years trying to save up for a new setup. This opportunity was truly a blessing and I wish I could shake your hands and say thank you in person."
and to Stackup team i honestly thought this to good to be true god bless all of you for what your doing and if it hasn't been said enough thank you so freaking much it's been a struggle for real and i have finally been getting some help with all my mental help i wanted to give up on getting help but little blessings keep me pushing through and this was a big blessing. Thank you a million times !!!!!

If you ever happen to attend an event where we happen to be Luis, be sure to stop and say hello. If you're ever interested in joining our community of gamers, our Redshirts, visit our discord.

Mike_and_Chill sponsored Luis' PC Vetrofit Crate. Thanks, Mike_and_Chill, and thank your community.

Want to get more involved with Stack Up's mission? Volunteer. Hit the red button below to explore our opportunities to put some good into the world through the power of gaming.

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