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cold war gets hot newly announced game outreach

In the longest information war every fought by mankind, there are secrets, buried many fathoms deep within the oceans of spying and information. During the arms race of The Cold War, there were many a strategy, unfolding and analyzing every possible battle plan to absolutely destroy the other side, should World War III suddenly begin. Many nuclear devices were made, including the Davy Crockett Nuclear Shell launcher, which was made famous in 2004’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Another was a portable nuclear backpack, that early NAVY SEAL members, should they be ordered to, would detonate at nearby bases to destroy enemy warships. Ideas became more radical with he beginning of the Space Race and soon, space was seen as a potential first-strike weapons. The united States was experimenting with the proposed “STAR WARS” defense program, as well as flying SR-71 Blackbirds to the edges of space for information gathering. The Soviets created the Almaz program of the 1970’s, a series of spy space stations, which included the testing of a self-defense space cannon to potentially shoot down American spacecraft. While the Cold War officially ended in 1990, with the collapse of The Berlin Wall, much of what happened during this time continues to remain a well-guarded secret. It is this inner universe of information, espionage, and conspiracy that the newly announced video game, OutReach, hopes to bring to gamers everywhere.

Outreach is a new investigative conspiracy thriller from UK-based Pixel Spill studios, with support from independent label, Gambitious Entertainment Inc. Outreach is set within The Cold War in the 1980’s, a time where space was shrouded in both secrecy and conspiracy. As a lone cosmonaut, you arrive at a Soviet space station, responsible for clandestine operations of the utmost importance to the Soviet Union. The station is in disarray and the crew is missing. Your role is to investigate what happened at the station and what kind of operations were being conducted. In a time well before the modern space travel of today, all you have are your skills and training as a cosmonaut to survive this dangerous mission and avoid being lost to the void.

The game is described as historical fiction, taking place in a historical chapter of military engagement that has many secrets coming to light, even today. The team that made the game, Pixel Spill,  actually visited institutions and museum dedicated to the studies of the Cold War, as well as the Space Race that came as a result of it. Pixel Spill studied artifacts, tools, mission logs, and equipment, that was used during this time, getting as close to the truth as government will allow, especially in Russia today. Using that knowledge, they poured their research into the game to make it compelling, immersive, and thought-provoking. The game is also told from the Russian perspective, giving that sense of humanity from the other side of The Iron Curtain, especially in an age where such operations were seen as nothing more than statistics and data.

Outreach is set to arrive in 2017. Definitely watch the trailer above to get an insight into the dark secrecy that player will embark upon!

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