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clustertruck tinybuild know really meant

My first thought really concerning the gameplay of Clustertruck done by TinyBuild studios, was “Wow, I really suck at this.

If we are being completely honest with ourselves, and by that, I mean, if I am being honest with myself, coordination of any sort has never really been my forte. It is good to see that some things never change”¦especially when it comes to try to jump, maneuver and speed past semi-trucks where the ground feels like it is on fire. The worst part of this is that it is added too by the other semi-truck drivers are all trying to reach the finish like before any of the other insane people”¦maybe worse than watching old ladies fight over the last coffee maker on Black Friday.


However; the fact that it challenged me so is not meant to imply that the game was not fun, quite the opposite in fact. By doing so poorly in the first level, (I only failed it fifteen or so times) just served to mean that I had to get better at it. Unfortunately for me, even as I might have gotten a minuscule amount better, (never enough for me to tell much of a difference) the levels also got crazier and crazier and even more difficult as things progressed. Challenges are fun for me”¦usually, so no complaints here on that aspect.

I am also a bit competitive, so I also liked the fact that there were leaderboards that could be separated globally or just by other friends that were playing the game. What I also found is that they do seasonal levels”¦the one I did was a Halloween one with Autumn type graphics and surroundings. This took away from whatever monotony in the storyline that anyone could ever claim”¦not that I would have much belief in the solidity of their argument. The thing I liked most about Clustertruck is that it was completely and absolutely unpredictable. None of the levels I had to restart over and over again were ever really the same.

Obviously, the overall concept remained the same and that was to win while watching all the trucks beside you drive insanely, but when is that ever necessarily a problem unless you have your kids in the car?


I cannot wait to see what other seasonal levels TinyBuild comes out with to go with Clustertruck. They have yet to disappoint me with any of their games and I have found Clustertruck to be no exception.

As always, thanks for reading!

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