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Celeste – Towerfall Developers Bring New Action Platformer to Steam, Consoles on January 25th

Life is always an uphill battle, but it feels damn good once you make it to the top. From MattMakesGames, the developers of the widely popular action game, Towerfall, comes a new game where players are challenged to make it to the very top of a dangerous mountain and use fascinating powers to get there.  This adventure game is known as Celeste, a title that is already being heralded as bringing back the pure, great fun of platforming games.

In Celeste, players play as Madeline. Troubled by her inner demons, she sees an answer at the top of a dangerous mountain. The mountain is shrouded in a dark mystery, with some saying that there is great magic, but also, a great evil. Those who embark on this journey are unlikely to return home alive as no one ever has.

Madeline will have to use magic, incredible athleticism, and great reflexes to get there. Along the way, she will encounter a tale of self-discovery and a multitude of characters that may help or hinder her way to the very top.


Celeste promotes itself as a very strong and pure platformer. There is no shooting or combat, and the player will have to focus on each challenge presented to them.  There will be over 600 screens presented to players, each screen a platforming challenge. This is a mountain after all, and it isn’t something you can just breeze through.

There will also be “B-Side” chapters, which are brutally challenging levels that are reserved for the most hardcore of gamers. Finally, composer Lena Raine will be lending her amazing talents to Celeste, evoking a strong sense of adventure and dangerous travels, with the use of piano and synthesizers.

Celeste will be available on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

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