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So I’m waiting for my next class to start reading through all this hubbub around Tom Clancy’s: The Division and I have to say, there are some pretty valid points with the exploits, rouges, and server brackets.

I’ll lead this off by saying, I’m probably not a casual gamer, I put in as much time as I can. The thing is I also go to school full time, work full time, mountain bike, and volunteer for an amazing organization called Stack Up. I think I have a couple of days into The Division as I’m pretty much left League of Legends in the corner crying by itself in my incessant need to keep up with a few good friends.

In ill form I’m simply going to bullet a few key problems happening:

  1. Player vs Player (PvP)

  2. Gear Score Gap

  3. Constant Rogue Bullying

  4. Glitch to escape rogue status

  5. Player vs Environment (PvE)

  6. Players have been wiped completely.

  7. Glitches are already being exploited within the new Incursion.

  8. Players are having issues starting missions.

  9. Material exploits within Dark Zone vs. certain named Non Player Characters (NPCs).

  10. Game Content

  11. Seasons Pass Supply Drop “Sub-Par”


Lets take a quick few steps back and talk about the idea that I see behind the Division and why I love this game.

Who hasn’t ever thought: “You know what would be legit? A modern day shooter MMORPG”. I know I used to dream of it, WoW / Diablo style gameplay BUT WITH GUNS! The very idea behind the game is fantastic, being able to customize a modern / post zero day event gunfighter with your own load-outs, style of gameplay, and appearance is amazing. But what everyone needs to take a step back and really absorb is the fact that this game is still young, it doesn’t really have a guiding “style” of game to look to for ideas in the direct sense of the word (but we’ll get into my humble thoughts on that).



In the true voice of my writing, I’m going to be quite blunt: a hard look at Diablo III / World of Warcraft for ideas on how to manage equipment, loot, armor, sets, and crafting would be extremely beneficial to the game itself. The current qualm within the Division is that Agents aren’t gaining access to the new High-End gear that has been released (Gear Score 200+), so that’s why there are so many “gamers” looking for exploits, glitches, and hacks. Back to the gear before we talk about that aspect of the community; it has a really cool potential, the ideas floating are great, but it needs to be expanded. Example:

Warlord | The New High End Assault Rifle | AK-74

Talents :

  1. CapableUsing a skill improves the handling of your weapon for x seconds.

  2. FerociousDamage against elite and named enemies is increased by x%.

  3. Unforgiving  : Missing health segments increases your damage by x%.

That’s pretty cool right? Besides your Major and Minor Attributes and the rest of the firearm.

Here’s the falling point in my eyes: You can put those talents on any firearm if crafted enough or if you get lucky.

According to to Arekkz, it’s based on the AK-74 developed by Kalashnikov in 1974 as replacement for the AKM 1957 model. While it has a high Gear Score, he says the Black Market AK can be rolled with some great Talents which are far superior.  – SRC : VG247

Shouldn’t a highly coveted named weapon have it’s own class of talents? Even if they’re on par so they don’t become too Over Powered (OP), maybe bring in something unique to the table for these named items.

Within the same spotligh,t we’ve seen these amazing new set items come into light. I’m a huge fan of sets in MMORPG’s They help sooth my slight OCD, and makes me feel like I’ve made some minor accomplishment within the game. The balance for running a team with a load-out with each set is pretty awesome. It helps bring teamwork into a positive standing within the Division, more so than usual. However, why have a six item set if you don’t get a full bonus for the set? A possible thought for the next set, have it so you can only collect the items certain ways throughout the game. Then have ONE item to finish out the six set bonus with an X.XX% chance of dropping from the next Incursion boss / final objective and, in my opinion, be tradable not locked in.

Taking a step away from items, kind of, we’ve brought trading into the game. I get the idea of making it less of na abused game economy by having an hour limit on the trade within the group. Hopefully, there is some consideration for bringing in currency for the trading market.

For instance, a group runs an Incursion together and Agent X gets a drop that is valuable but not to Agent X. Agent Y really would benefit from the item but has nothing to trade from the drops that would be helpful to Agent X. It would be awesome if Agent Y could say “Hey X I’ll give you 30 Phoenix Credits and 100k DarkZone Credits if you could help me out with that trade.”



No one has ever said that to me, but I’m sure I’d laugh in “their face” if they did. However, that is a mentality a large part of the DZ community has taken on. As with any game, there are gamers who are in it to win, dominate, and humiliate all competition for the lulz. There is a potential way to at least bring a solution into the playing field.

Allow for more bracketed servers for the Dark Zone i.e.

  1. GearScore 0-161 (currently set)

  2. GearScore 161-187

  3. GearScore 187-200

  4. GearsScore 200-220+

  5. GearScore 0-220+ (PvP Heavy)

The reason for the PvP Heavy DZ would be that some friends / communities might want to bring new agents up through the ranks and grind but not be anywhere near the same class. Options for those players are pretty solid:

  1. Create a new Agent to lvl with friend.

  2. Go into the PvP Heavy DZ and try to play it smart.

Woah woah woah Josh, what about just equipping some low level items to allow for a drop back? No. What I would propose would account for all items in your stash and average out your usual Gear Score to account for your average standings. I mean, if you really wanted to go a secure route, look at bringing in a Ranked System. But I digress (I can kinda sound fancy, I promise.) The DarkZone needs some balancing to allow the fun back into the game.



Alright, this is the sore thumb right now and what is really bothering me about what’s going on within the community right now. I’ll preface this part by saying: I’m not even mad at the DEVs, the designers, or the release choice; I’m mad at the community for “forcing” a hard push on this glitch.

Let me explain myself before you get up in arms. The other day we played a childish game in a class I’m in. Two teams line up and are given a card with RED on one side and GREEN on the other.

Team X chooses RED | Team Y chooses RED = Both Teams awarded 2 points.

Team X chooses GREEN | Team Y chooses GREEN = Both Teams awarded 3 points.

Team X chooses RED | Team Y chooses GREEN = X gets 4 points/ Y gets 1 point.

The objective of the game was to score the most points. The teams were allowed to communicate with each other and discuss the fact that both should choose green to make the most points for both teams.

Someone is always going choose to red.

Until this is patched, Agents are going to use this so they don’t get one point while the other team gets four.

What is happening in the community is players are trying to balance the power by choosing RED (the glitch) which makes the game less fun, more mundane, and kind of childish. But what do you expect people to do?



I want to finish this up with a couple notes on the “these perks aren’t good enough.”

Gamer: I understand you want more from the extra money you paid for the season pass, but let’s be honest this is the first drop. They are figuring out what is going to work best for the gaming community without tipping the scales in a completely unfair manner.

DEVs: I get that the game can’t be too unbalanced otherwise it causes a larger rift than normal between hardcore gamers and people who are just in it to hang out. However, from my understanding, a few of the drops have been medkits and a weapon skin. Weapon skin is pretty cool if it’s exclusive, but medkits are a bit underwhelming.




Here are my honest opinions about what is going on with the Division.

Reddit, you need to pipe down and just cool the hate train for a wee bit and give the DEVs a day or two to put a feasible plan together on what is the best course of action to resolve the current issues.

Yes it’s annoying to have blunders like this in a game you paid so much for, but you also have to take a breath and realize that it has become industry standard to release games comprised and based off of content that is still on the way. Do I agree with it? Not completely, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense to someone.

Another breath needs to be taken, and a long thought in consideration of just common decency to other human beings. Attacking customer support reps and hounding employees and the very organization that created the game will do absolutely NOTHING for anyone. Give these PEOPLE time to fix the mistake.

I have tried the glitch three times now. Why? Because I wanted to see what a GearScore 240 would do for my set up, was lacking in the sleep department, and had recently been harassed in the DarkZone by Rogues just out to ruin people’s day. I get going Rogue is fun. Totally awesome to steal some gear, but when I’m just coming into an instance with no items and get smoked so they can have a laugh. It gets pretty dull. Lastl,y I did it because I didn’t think the other team would pick GREEN. I know that the community will pick RED. I have to try to keep up with the surge in power to try to stand on my own.

As a filthy casual.


Thanks so much for reading, have an awesome night, Chive On, and Stack TF UP.

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