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cannon brawl coming to ps4 august 2nd

Any veteran in artillery can tell you that cannons are loud, dangerous, and mighty weapons to use on the battlefield. The fearsome roar of a cannon shell, fired from a towering barrel, flames spewing from the nozzle, heading somewhere to give a bad guy a very bad day. It’s a tremendous thrill. In video game form, it can make for quite an experience. Blitworks Creations and Sandbox Turtle Studio brings gamers Cannon Brawl, a frantic, faced-paced artillery Real-time strategy game with an emphasis on action and big explosions.

Your uncle has betrayed your father, and thus, it is up to you to take every weapon in your arsenal, especially cannons, and to absolutely raze the very ground your enemies stand on. There are no rules or restrictions as this is total war. You are to atomize your foes under the thunder and fire of your cannons. The game prides itself in being a strong combination of artillery cannon gameplay and Real-time strategy. As with RTS’s your job will be to build and upgrade your forces. In the thick of battle, you will make commands to defeat enemy emplacements. There is a large variety of weapons to choose from, including lasers and airships. There will be a multitude of enemies to encounter and defeat in your quest for revenge.

Cannon Brawl was originally released on Valve’s Steam service in 2014. Since then, it has received very positive acclaim from steam users for the last two years. The game is now making its way to the PlayStation 4 and will launch next Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016, when the PSN store refreshes.

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