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bulletstorm full clip edition comes back from the dead releases next year

During the Spike TV Video Game Awards, several major announcements were made. Among them, was the announcement of a forgotten, yet revered cult-classic game gaining a new life. From developer People Can Fly, Electronic Arts, and Epic Games came the R-Rated, action-packed skill-shooting FPS, Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm puts players in the role of exiled special operations soldier Grayson Hunt. Formerly of special assassination squad Dead Echo, Grayson seeks revenge against corrupted leader General Serrano. In the process of intercepting the General’s Flagship, both he and the General crash land on the hostile planet, Stygia. Once a luxurious resort town, the planet has fallen victim to mutants, vicious beasts, and things worse than either of those. Essentially, it’s all Grayson fault. No matter the circumstance, it is a perfect opportunity to grab some guns and kill many bad guys. Grayson, and what is left of his crew, now must fight to stay alive, take down Serrano, and hopefully escape.


Bulletstorm was originally released by People Can Fly, Electronic Arts, and Epic Games, which had the approval of legendary creative director Cliff Bleszinski, who is best known for this works on the Gears Of Wars Saga. The game was seen as a departure and exploration into new and creative territories. With Gears Of War III on the horizon and facing the potential end of the trilogy, Cliff positioned the studio to make a new IP. With Bulletstorm, a new sci-fi world was set to be made, and the game was released in February 2011.

The game relies on the skill shot system: a game mechanic that has players use creative ways to kill their enemies. Instead of taking cover and shooting, players can create combos. One combo can have players slam an anti-gravity field into the ground, see their enemies hover above them, then murder the bag guy in and acid-spitting shotgun. Another example includes literally throwing a hand grenade into the anus of a massive enemy, seeing a stream of fire and defecation spew out of the fatally slain foe.

Coupled with sharp, imaginative space era visuals and a sharply crass sense of humor, the game was lauded for being a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bleak shooter environment in which most shooting games focused on serious military affairs. The skill shot system was also revered as a great mechanic, especially in the co-op arenas that took place outside the lengthy single-player campaign.


Additionally, Bulletstorm was known for their marketing strategy, which was quite memorable and effective. One case, in particular, came from a mock demo that the team had made, titled ” Duty Calls.” The 5-minute demo showcased a generic military game that took many jabs at the Call Of Duty franchise, which in 2011, had been starting to show its repetition to players.

Bulletstorm received solid acclaim from critics and players. However, the game arrived in an already crowded market for shooter video games, which included games such as Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Killzone 3, and Homefront. Despite having solid previews, press, and even a beta code for Gears Of War III multiplayer, the game was considered a commercial failure, selling just under one million units. A sequel, which was in development, was subsequently scrapped.

In the years that followed, many shooters would come to gaming platforms. Many would be good, some would be legendary, and others would be tremendously disappointing. Call Of Duty and Battlefield would go on to have yearly installments, snuffing any remaining space left for shooters, but the memory of Bulletstorm remained. As the years went on, it became a cult classic, with many revisiting the game on the PlayStation 3, Steam and Xbox 360.

The news of a full remastering has excited fans of the game and enticed those who had barely heard of the original game. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will feature all the content of the previous game, including DLC, Echo Mode, along with new content as well. The game will run in much more vibrant detail and at a faster, smoother 60FPS.


Additionally, People Can Fly will be working with Gearbox Publishing in creating a Duke Nukem Bulletstorm Tour DLC, which will completely replace Grayson Hunt with the Duke himself. Jon Saint Jon will voice new lines for the character, and there will be new animations. This will not be just a simple skin. This essentially makes Bulletstorm a Duke Nukem game as well.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on April 7th, 2017. Lock and load.

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