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Buddy-cop FPS RICO arriving in March


Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours,  Zootopia, are movies that are significantly different from each other, but they have one thing in common: They are buddy-cop films. When it comes to fighting crime, its best to get the job done with a partner. You may not agree with everything, but if you’ve got a sharp mind and are good with a gun, you can get anything accomplished, even stopping organized crime. This is RICO from Ground Shatter Studios and Rising Star Games and it is coming next month for all major systems and PC.

RICO is an elite police unit, formed to stop the most dangerous criminals and crack the biggest cases IN RICO, players will play solo, or in co-op, in an attempt to defeat the organized crime families that have festered within the fictional city of San Amaro. These criminals are dangerous, and they are willing to protect their product and operation with extreme violence. They will use lethal firepower, dirty tactics, and even bombs to wage war with law enforcement. Fortunately, you and your partner are also well equipped to handle anything that the crooks can throw at you.

Players will be armed to the teeth with every available firearm, from shotguns to SMG’s, to the reliable handgun. Your enemies will show no mercy, and returning fire as quickly as possible will be the difference between life and death. Playing RICO will be more tactical than strategic. As the game will take place in enclosed areas, surprise is everything, and getting the drop on enemies when they least expect is essential to quickly take down the deadliest of criminals. Players will also have close-range weapons, such as batons, to use, as this kind of warfare will be waged in close-quarters. TOgether, players will tackle three gangs across the city, working hard to completely dismantle their operations in classic, old-fashioned urban combat. The co-op gameplay is both local split-screen and online. Additionally, players can play an “Endless case” mode, filled with randomly generated rooms and objectives for players to constantly tackle. With multiple weapons and traits to unlock, there will be plenty for players to sink into as they play RICO.

I happened to try RICO last year at PAX EAST, and while I did play solo, I very much enjoyed it. I greatly appreciated the 1990’s levels of combat and action. The combat was over-the-top and absurd as opposed to realistic and authentic. Between the banter form criminals, ferocious shooting, and constant sense of danger, it reminded me of watching the first Lethal Weapon, which was balls-to-the-wall with its action set-pieces. In a crowded environment of shooting and action games, sometimes, you need something that is fun, to-the-point, quick, and in a way, laid back. A game simply has to be fun and based on what I played last year, RICO was quite a bit of fun. As the game is launching imminently, I cannot wait to see what is next for RICO and see it take off with other players.

RICO will be launching on the second week of March, rolling out from March 12th to the 14th. RICO will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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